OCCULT Symbolism in Disney’s Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana! MUST SEE! ***New World Order***

OrthodoxyIsTruth asked:

Symbolism involved in Disney Channel's Miley Cyrus and other music artists


  1. terryraypeck

    I love your response to everything! AWESOME video. Made me even more aware then i already was. :)

  2. mayalynn1124

    ok checker is a pattern and i guess that game is evil um never mind im not gonna wast my time seting straight this crap

  3. TheFangirl100

    Dude one thing to say.

    I been watching disney since i was a baby and im not screwed up! So just go under a rock were you belong!

  4. MissRehyan

    I´m from german and I see everywhere OWL jewelry.Much owls..Very strange.
    (I´ts the sign of Illuminati)

  5. Rozdolskiy95

    Ничего непонял!, из за того, что было написанно на латнице!

  6. OrthodoxyIsTruth

    @Archer6989 Allah also tells you to cut the heads off of infidels and to burn their bellies, Muhammad was nothing more than a possessed murderer who killed thousands upon thousands of people, there is nothing holy in Islam, the whole religion is from Satan. Thats why St. John of Damascus called you people “the forerunner of the Antichrist” in his critique of Islam.

  7. Archer6989

    i loved this video. i agree with all of it except one thing. the video says “one world’. well i am a muslim and in the Quran there are things like….. Allah rewarding people in this life, as well as the hereafter. so why one world?

  8. thepersonwhostalksyo

    omg what do i listen to >.< is there something wrong with these people; Selena Gomez,M.I.A.,and Emily Osmit or Osmith (something like that)

  9. sunkisseddangel

    You over think things.
    What does “checkered” things have to do with anything? Does that mean playing checkers or chess is satonic?

  10. dragszes

    yes exactly.Escape from reality and pretty much that is what this article refers to.Except the persons in question are forced into another reality.You can mock these theories with the juvenile tin foil hat attack ,however MKultra was a factual program.You should look that up before you start denigrating people.Do you think brittany spears was an accident.Look what her behavior did to young teenage girl.They dressed like little hookers.lady gaga is just a continuation.

  11. BCE42906

    @dragszes Super hero movies offer an escape from reality. People have been writing about heros forever. People wrote stories of courageous demigods like Perceus and Hercules. One goal in fiction is to take the reader/watcher into another reality for a short time. To take their mind off of everything around them. Allegory can be found in many forms. The Narnia and Harry Potter books for example, contain wells of Christian allegory. Hannah Montana is harmless escapism. and I’m not a fan.

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