Nibiru facts and secrets

wargolm1 asked:

Is Nibirus just an old Myth? Here are some new scaring facts from 2010 about 2012.


  1. xxledbettaxx

    I agree, I watched all of 15 seconds. It’s hard to believe the “gouverments was changed fast”……………….

  2. TheGolfster3

    I would be more inclined to take this video post seriously if the person who actually wrote the script could freaking spell, let alone write!! HELLO!

  3. SytrusISurtys

    “our last mini Ice Age came in the 17th century, and caused thousends of lifes, because no one could make a harvest” VERY ill-iterate! Im not talking crap, I just think if your going to put an ‘awareness’ video up & have any hopes of it making an impact, you should consider looking over your work.

  4. U07110743

    i don’t fucking care if nibiru is on it’s way…the fuck are we supposed to do? fly to mars? bitch please.

  5. AndyHarglesis

    Strange & Unexplained Anomaly Found In The Sky – Possibly Nibiru: /watch?v=xIZU9QYPwzQ

  6. XxAzraelbanexX

    you must be new to youtube lol xD you do know there is a volume slider and if you click it the video will be muted yeah?

  7. bakerpd4

    atleast the owners of these videos can get it rubbed in their face by the millions of internet trolls that will jump on the opportunity.

  8. Makyui

    And then in 1995 a woman (Nancy Lieder) claimed that she personally received transmissions in her head from Zetas in outer space and that Nibiru would destroy the earth in 2003. She killed her dogs and then told other people to kill their pets too, just before it was supposed to happen, and then said it was a “white lie” afterwards when nothing happened.

    Sure can’t wait ’til 2012 is over so the conspiracy theorists can learn nothing from it and just pick a new date to freak out about.

  9. luvstar123lol

    plizzz people wake up nothing is goin to happen only god will decide when the earth gets drestroy

  10. Makyui

    That’s clearly Jupiter, guys.

    The others are sun dogs and camera reflection artifacts, otherwise known as lens flare.

    Seriously, Jupiter? You really didn’t even bother to look at a star chart, or maybe look at it through a telescope, to see what it could’ve been before deciding it was this new strange “star” that must be Nibiru? They’re not exactly hard to find online. Stellarium is open source, easy to use, and free.

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