New World Order Trip down the rabbit hole Part two

NWOisOWN asked:

Part two of Smal info docu about the big conspiracy around the globe .. More info : "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing." Global online Video's: All credits for this FREE to SHARE movie go's to :


  1. onetinsoldier

    akparker1…people do NOT want to hear how far it goes,they wont even LOOK at the information that proves it.As a matter of fact if anyone is caught publicly talking about it,or writing about it,they can be thrown in jail and fined.This law will be in the last country that has free speech, which is the states,soon if it isn’t already.You probably know already where i’m going,or think you know.It isn’t just Jews.It is the Zionists,anybody that thinks the illuminati just started all by itself with one man in the late 18th century is uninformed.The only way you are going to come to the proper conclusion is to put the puzzle together in your own mind.It will not be put in writing in full for you to understand.There are little pieces that have been secreted out over the millenium,these pieces are precious because the have cost lives.Read the protocols of Zion,Don’t just accept what the racsist ADL says about them.Understand that in their eyes you are GOY, useless eaters.You are to be used or killed thats it.The Talmud is very clear.Read the rabbis and the political leaders speeches and comments.These people are not ashamed of what they do,they are proud ofit.Do you know how much money is being spent,given to survivors of death camps,an oxymoron which no one will address.400,000,000.00 in the last year from one charity.3,000,000,000.00 in the history of the other,it goes on and on.The amount of money that is just handed over to these scum is staggering.What kind of person would steal money in this way.Some charities claim that there are over 85,000 survivors????this was 70 years ago.If you were 10 then you’d be 80 now.85000 80 year olds who spent the growing years of their lives in a death camp and all survived until their 80s????

  2. NWOisOWN

    your ride .. but it is still strange that we need a revolution in this time’s ..

    On our dutch tv is a spot Evolution is Revolution !!

  3. chotaboy66

    Theres no footage because they didnt want you to see the plane actually flying over the pentagon just missing it by a matter of feet .THATS WHY.
    The rest is obvious what happend .

    Theres more down this rabbit hole and its not all bad if one looks hard they will find freedom.

    5 Stars well done.

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