1. thewisevoice

    Too bad the only thing you understand is bullshit. Your ability to reason with science is probably non-existent. Craw back to you hole of ignorance and die there, while you deny the truth to fit you own childish world view…let me guess fox news is your source of information. People like you are of no worth to solving problems cause you mind is captured. just go away!

  2. Kaiser StratosTygo

    “either brainwashed”

    Nope I follow #1 and that is me, so no to brainwashing.

    ” are a conspiracy-denier paid by interest groups.”

    fuck, I wish, I’m tired of being poor.

  3. khayelitshaissafe

    Looking at your channel now I understand why you say it…. you are either brainwashed or are a conspiracy-denier paid by interest groups.

  4. 20alphabet

    Tom Moyer’s the man! He took this story on like a bull in a china shop. Of course, he’s no longer broadcasting…

  5. BigJoeker

    Reflecting Radiation? Thought our planet was protecting us fine, us humans were living well before this. Aluminium is benign? Lol, only an idiot would take that. What happens after everyday, after every single day it falls from the sky and settles? It COLLECTS! Just as the woman said, the results have spiked! Anyone that doesn’t believe this, go to wikipedia, type “Normalcy bias” and read the last sentence of the first paragraph, that is YOU!

  6. ColorlessChemical

    Those are not fucking contrails, many people have tested what came from these and there are poisonous chemicals in there.

  7. thankgodthatsover

    carbon dioxide is benign in the environment, I’d like to see you take a few deep, deep breaths of it.

  8. Sc2Recon

    its to get rid of the real natural foods.. So we have to eat there GMO poison !!! … STAAND UP PPL!!!

  9. into777infinity

    You are either stupid, uneducated, brainwashed or in fucking denile…. those are the options pick one!

  10. into777infinity

    It’s not about “weather modification” it’s for DEPOPULATION purposes. we are being sprayed like bugs.

  11. Kaiser StratosTygo

    They don’t exist at all, No proof has been presented anywhere ever..

  12. Kaiser StratosTygo

    No, because they don’t exist.. I see that my comment was buried by a shitload of overzealous, basement dwelling conspiracy theorists.. :( aww man..

    Anyway when I look towards the sun I might see a CONTRAIL or clouds.. There is no purpose whatsoever for “chemtrails” to exist except (DERPITY DAY R GUNA XTERMIN8 THE POP TO 500000!!!!!

    No prove at all.

  13. khayelitshaissafe

    Look at all the artificial ugly feather-like clouds in the sky and then hours later those clouds come down on us as spiderweb like fibers. The proof is overwhelming. Been seeing and feeling them for at least 12-14 years now and this is March 2012. They are on my face when I walk among trees, even walking in an open field they would just land on you, causing irritation on my skin, nose, hands, eyes, get inside my lungs cause health issues.

  14. khayelitshaissafe

    Chemtrail fibers (look like straight spider web strings) are falling on my face, hands, car, house, windows, trees, grass, soil, even lifeless sand where spiders would never make webs, I mean how IMPUDENT must be the gov-mil to still deny them?

  15. khayelitshaissafe

    For every poster on Youtube there are two debunkers… overkill! A HUGE propaganda machine supported by our tax money. Chemtrails exist and overwhelming proof has been presented on the internet, such as Google, Youtube, numerous websites etc.

  16. khayelitshaissafe

    You haven’t seen or felt those chemtrail webs on your face, in your nose? They are everywhere, just look towards the sun in the afternoon and you will see them.

  17. Razzlyn1

    U.S. Government Apologizes for 1940s STD Testing on Guatemalans
    “We deeply regret that it happened, and we apologize to all the individuals who were affected by such abhorrent research practices, The conduct exhibited during the study does not represent the values of the United States, or our commitment to human dignity and great respect for the people of Guatemala.” – Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius

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