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MultiNemo1987 asked:

Just some more musings I've had. These are just my views and I feel like I should share them. Not looking to convince anyone. There are things of this illusion, this dream in which we live in that are very "real" manifestations. Are things like Chemtrails and HAARP real? Yes they are. Can HAARP control the weather, peoples minds, and create earthquakes? Yes, that "science" sorcery is real. Are the governments, select elites, reptilians, "aliens" doing very evil things? Yes. Will they succeed? No. They won't be allowed to. I feel all people need to aware of the power they have within. It's all goes back to the game. I'm aware of what they mean by the game... In a sense my experience, my life, is MY GAME...Everyone has their "own" game. The very nature of time itself is very tricky.. Everything that can happen HAS happened already. It all comes down to individual perspective. We all have our "own" game, journey that we are on. Each person is separate and unique but at the same time all are part of the same singular consciousness (God) experiencing itself at the same time. Kinda hard to explain but that's the nature of the infinite... There is no right or wrong, good or evil, ally or enemy, friend or foe. Both are just extreme opposites of one and the same...once we become aware of that, all fighting, all conflict both external and INTERNAL will stop. My advice... BE LOVE!! These are just my thoughts and opinions.


  1. TeslaTechnologyRocks

    @pkmusicproject Check out the Youtube video about HAARP called:

    OmniBlank HAARP Chemtrails

  2. pkmusicproject

    Hey, brother, last night. I made a playlist, mind control. George Post, Monsanto, so scared of losing the ability to control us. It is a fear based belief system, scaring others to go along and pay for it. They are advancing technology in the direction of nano’s controlling our minds and actions, eliminating higher brain function in the public, while increasing it in a select few who control them. All based on fear and selfish gain, very important to understand and spread this info.

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