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This video explains what Jay-Z meant when he said " I'm in Maison, Uh!" Jay-Z Revisited! PLEASE RATE,COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE! AllSeeingGuy Productions


  1. 77ScarFace11

    Here’s a different perspective of what Jay-Z might be about blog check the article Jay-Z Nolluminati on the right

  2. disturbednut

    @EckoFresh92 clearly you have been brainwashed and it’s to late to save you. God BLess

  3. npazinas

    youre dreaming mate wake up and smell the coffee i have a free mason friend and its nothing to what you say it is 30th grade to be exact there god is a devil it inviolves rituals they control this world they always have done over the last 400 hundred these people are dangerous

  4. bronc30td

    Who gives a shit what he is….let the man be. worrying about this shit ain’t gonna better your life in anyway. Worry about you cause they damn sure dont give a fucc about you ! Know what… fucc it im gonna have to be blunt wit this….you want to do somethin about the illuminati ???? These videos aint doin shit about it…take ur ass to Jay-z and do somethin about it! when u do face him….i garuntee he will throw the roc hand sign in ya face and spend money! Its all about entertainment.

  5. EckoFresh92

    @lea3441 The fact that you’re 12 years old and wasting time on watching bullshit like this and even wasting your time and your pastors talking about bullshit like this video is trying to prove. You should be outside playing with your friends instead of bothering yourself and your beloved pastor with bullshit like Illuminati. And I’m sure he agrees.

  6. lea3441

    @EckoFresh92 go to church seriously you are just rejecting the truth the devil got into your mind and now your too blind to see the truth im 12 and i ask my pastor about this and he said that its why god is angry ok i wanna be in heaven so i listen carefully to these types of thing

  7. Ywalkwithme2012

    @BoomGoesTheDynamight your a a family member thats a mason and the devil is there father……..he got drunk and spoke about it…they dont believe in Jesus Christ…dont mislead the ppl… with random scientology/athiesm propoganda

  8. rawritsashleylele

    @EckoFresh92 imean go will judge you and all of us one day so u better get ur relationship right with jesus and lets not focus on what ther’ye doing but the bible

  9. GueraSmiley1993

    they do this kind of stuff for fame & money (money isn’t the happinees) & all I can say is “WAKE UP”

  10. BoomGoesTheDynamight

    FREEMASONS learn and teach the truths of morality, justice, patriotism, and the necessity of brotherly love to achieve those universal ideals men are brothers only if they are related to God as the, sons of the Creator Father. its not satanic.

  11. uhhcaps

    imbeciles, jay z is only someone who studies occult… nothing wrong with that, if anything he’s “closer to God” that idiots like you

  12. enrique5235

    @john11883 they do it to mock the public they show us that they”re real and we do nothing against them and they can do so by making the few of us that know the truth seem like crazy people by making the majority of the public blind the the truth open your eyes the truth will astound you

  13. enrique5235

    @john11883 they do it to mock the public to show us there real but we are to blind to see whats in front of us and they can do so by making the few that believe and know the truth look like crazys open your eyes the truth will set you free

  14. clickclarkable

    this shit is clear that those motherfuckers are praising the devil. if someone refuses to see it that, so be it…

  15. muslimintelidie

    why dont americans do some Revolution and put thire signs and be aginst them

    just like the arabs country eygpt won and tunsia won

    dont tell me you sceard ?

  16. Axmedkoole

    Black rapper claims something he has no clue of. Did Dallas Page of wrestler also part of the Illuminati, after all he used to throw a diamond sign as well and yell, “bang”.

  17. 786MsMuslimah

    Jay z is one of the biggest devil worshiper, its so blatant when you see his videos, all the sighs are so clear! His music videos are so shit neeway so i dont get what people see in him :/

  18. ZaviahIV

    It makes me laugh how fucking gay and corny it looks when they do that triangular shit with their hands. It’s fucking pathetic. I bet all this shit ain’t real and it’s some publicity stunt.

  19. Freshnewz10

    The illuminati doesn’t is just a secret religion with few members. The NWO is real and they use the entertaining business to distract the crowds and influence the masses with lies. But not all celebrities and politicians are involve with this. And some know about it but are threaten to speak. Jay Z is just an antichrist who hates jesus for no reason. He believes in god but think he is equal to god. But people like Jay-Z exist because of ignorant christians. P.S be a real christian.

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