MONEY COMETH: Pimping Through Hypnosis and Mind Control.


MONEY COMETH: Pimping Through Hypnosis and Mind Control. Additional tags: Akat042001 Agenda EXPOSED: An Open Rebuke To Black Men akat042001 EXPOSED: Full Video Analysis (Commentary/Criticism) Fair Use 17 USC 107)


  1. ProphetessTelharesha

    Not only are the people fooled, they are fooled by illiterate leaders. A divinity degree is not an education. This is an abomination – open and obvious.

  2. diamondill777

    I never realized how gullible people are. How ever, I do believe in tithing ten percent of one’s income to the church to which you belong. If the Pastor at that church is asking for more than that,one should question why. If I knew the pastor spent 16,000
    dollars on a dog, I would get the heck outta there and find a new church a.s.a.p!


    Damn, it works! I was throwing money at my computer monitor! Praise the Lord!

  4. AlwayzCheesinDev

    I used to fall for all these foolishness all the time! Thanks to RINGO I have been enlightened! I read the word on tithing numerous times and I never saw giving my money my pastors as biblical but I listened to them because I thought I was going to hell if I didn’t pay then my money!

  5. Sensiblehuman

    A common theme of these men preachers when preaching to women is to encourage these women to remain without a man in their lives supposedly for the women to live for God, alone. But not so. These deceivers want these women to remain without a man so that the preacher can be the only man in their ear that is controlling these women. By being the alpha-male he is able to manipulate her finances towards him. With another man in the picture, the preacher may not be able to defeat the competition.

  6. GregLily08

    Most people in this prisons are black, i watch a program calle the first 48, and most people that commit the murders are black, and most of them over drugs or money. And the welfare offices are full with black people going in there and getting food stamps while they are wearing expensive stuff and brand new pair of expensive shoes.

  7. GregLily08

    And why are these people giving openly like that? So that others can see their good deeds? This video only makes black people look more bad, as if they needed more help? Just look at the majority of prisons and welfare offices in america.

  8. cjjaxxon

    That woman in the black and white who started dancing at the bottom of the screen when the music started back up……..she was HEADBANGIN’!!!! LOL. Anybody know who that woman was they showed after they showed that woman dancing? She looks familiar.

  9. cjjaxxon

    @kidney122398 Oh I’m with ya. I realized that these churches just want people in them. Trying to get you saved and baptized in the word………..then take your money.

  10. bongo46

    The Lord said in Matthew 6:33 – “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”. These are seeking the added things and not the things of God, then again I cannot speak for all those present, and I refuse to judge..

  11. bongo46

    @kidney122398 Please don’t quit going to church becuase of this poor example, go to a church that preaches the truth in righteousness and does NOT buy into these prosperity lies. Its about you and God through Jesus, not the Church, that can keep you going….

  12. ikanipo

    a lot of fat women in that crowd. just look at the people as they filter by. spending these two hours in the gym instead of church would do some of these people a lot more good.

  13. ikanipo

    this Black Church has strayed far indeed. what is going on here? I mean…do people actually believe that by giving away hard earned money, that somehow a God is going to give them more? How did you get the money in the first place? that’s the same way you are ever going to get it.

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