Michael Jackson – Symbolism in the cover of Hollywood Tonight

mu51im asked:

This is my opinion on the symbolism contained within the cover of Hollywood tonight. Feel free to make any comments (Outrageous hate comments will be deleted. Critical ones will remain.) Here is the link to the documentary: www.youtube.com


  1. MultiRedhearts

    @mu51im thats alright i respect all religions as long as everyone has a kind heart !! thats what matters because if u dont have a heart then theres no [point believing ! good vid

  2. TheJesusfreak7777777

    Michael left Sony a free agent owning half of Sony and its publishing rights plus Elvis and many many other Beatles catalog . I think we r talking trillions not billions.. I am surprised Michael didnt just give it to them if he thought they were trying to kill him. Who owns it now?

  3. beebeegunz0218

    @Shamoneness dude i agree man I wish the Illuminati will Just DISSAPEAR HEAR THAT ILLUMINATI WE ALLL HATE AND WE ALWAYS WILL

  4. phoenixmoon3

    since we don’t get singles here in the US i have not seen this.. *sad sad mad* How horrible. Michael was Love and Light. Thank you for doing your good works :) Blessings to you :)

  5. Shamoneness

    Great video!
    What they’re doing to Michael’s image makes me so mad, using an angel like him to show their evil symbolism :(

  6. fq94

    Yet another quality by the legend that is mu51im! Great analysis and well presented! You could soon be the anti-Illuminati version of FarhanK501! Keep it up!

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