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parisreidhead asked:

"They're Changing our History Books!".. Michael Jackson "They never told me there were 8 presidents before George Washington!" .... Prince "I sold my soul to you know who," Bob Dylan Illuminati Jacket wore by , Madonna why did Tupac and Farrah Fawcet, Michael Jackson, and so many others die at same age or same date? Martyrs gave us the true bible and murderers gave us all the new false ~ most all main stream artists have had to sell their soul to satan in order to be what they are and when they find out how corrupt it truly is they try to sing and rap about it to help awareness and if they arent careful they lose their lives, it goes on and on thru out history , presidents who wont submit and musicians , who all die of drug issues , i really dont think so , somany died at same age and same date it doenst sound like a drug issue m no these are well planned murders that might end up as a hum@n sacrif1ce in the bohemian grove, Alice Bailey is the founder of the New age movement which is a continuing of the ancient helenistic mystery religions, and wants to birth it thru the christian churches. pilgrims progress is the greatest book in history besides the bible of course, and in it the main character "Christian" was visting "the Interpretor" and shows him how the one called "patient" gets eternal life for waiting till the truth comes and not rushing ahead to a obviuous lie, like the illuminati creates all kinds of issues , money issues , abuse and mental , weather , and ...


  1. MrGougi

    I don’t believe in hell. And even if hell exists, with your theory, if I go there, it’s the best place to be because there are all the great artists of rock music there.

  2. thekingofcinema1

    no he wasn’t because they always tried to bring him down even during the thriller and bad era. and he bought the catalog in 85′ thats when all the conspiracy happened, michael said himself, over night. after he had the biggest selling album in history. cmon brainwash??? when in the world did michael do anything that made him brainwash. yeah right. michael knew what his mission was since he was 5. and that was to give love to the world with the gift of love and dance and music.

  3. PharaohEstrada

    Listen everyone. Do more research and get your facts straight. Don’t ask questions like “is prince illuminati?” no…. Yes they gave up there life,there soul to the illuminati, to the devil. But they are never truly a part of it. They have been manipulated,scared,tortured, and lied to. Some don’t have a choice….some want the fame…. Most of them don’t want to be under this satanic control. But the more they stay,the more they sin,the more they become under satans control. Michael Jackson and

  4. strangebump

    great video. i need to know something. I believe in GOD! and I want to know if making love is against Christianity? or what things are wrong and what things are right? :(

  5. trubornagain

    beloved in CHRIST JESUS, our LORD saw this day from the very beginning. This unbelieving, unrepentant world will soon be ripe for judgement, as in the days of Noah, so shall it be for our LORD JESUS. Do not be afraid nor worry, just sow the seeds of the GOSPEL of JESUS. without prejudice, nor judgement, nor condition. Our LORD is GOD! fear ye HIM. who is able to destroy ‘BOTH’ body and soul in HELL

  6. smashersz

    micheal jackson and 2pac were never illuminati. they were against it. if u dont belive me listen 2 MJ’s song “they dont care about us”. They is the illuminati and the government” and 4 pac well just listen 2 his album the don killuminati the 7 day theroy.

  7. bozniankingx1

    I have noticed, the pentagon has 5 sides, pent=5, the devils star has five inner sides, coincidence?

  8. clevawoman

    I agree. MJ is dead because he didn’t want to play their games. Look at how he felt about Sony and others in the industry.

  9. RebelChildRs

    You’re right on alot of things. I can tell you feel as strongly about these issues as I do, and have done your research. I do believe the world as we know it is an illusion created to deceive and corrupt people’s minds to keep them in the dark. “And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many”.
    ( Matthew 24:11 ) The majority shall be deceived, so it’s only fitting that most will not believe or understand this video. But keep doing what you’re doing brother :)

  10. globalfabllc

    Dude, you know anything about noise reduction technology – like buying a new microphone? That noise is overwhelmingly distracting. It would not take much effort to have clean audio…

  11. MagisticArtist

    the peace sign in this is a broken cross upside down

    but i respect want you’ve said

  12. MagisticArtist

    michael jackson knew what he was doing, he use to get his songs from a dream, n one time he wasnt able to sleep, and the evil spirit said to him, if you dont slept im gonna have to give the song to prince, so michael took sleeping pills, and because he was 50 n was perparing for a tour his body could take all them pills, cause he had to sleep for long, dats how he died. But he was starting to expose the illuminati

  13. The98knuklz

    if you replied,you know where im coming from.it doesn’t make sense….there is 2 ways of looking at something,from the inside and the outside.
    my right of choice,will not be dictated or manipulated.you have to draw a line some where..

  14. parisreidhead

    God created dinos:)
    along with all other animals in the earth
    they lived at the begining and still are alive today
    have been seen by 10,000 plus in the last 100 years all over the planet
    who has the guts to say it in this world that hates truth and willmake a mockery of you toboot
    for saying somwthing that is against what the propagate in the text books
    anyway IM not positive that this is answering your heart , but feel free to respond if youlike, be blessed :)

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