London “ZION” 2012 Olympics — The Hidden Message Of the New World Order!

PreserveOurFreedoms asked:

Let me just state for the record: I DO NOT BELIEVE IN RACISM. Racism is a stupid diversion "they" (the globalist conspirators) have created in order to divide the human family into smaller and smaller groups, keeping us ignorant by keeping us fighting amongst ourselves over differing color, culture, religion and language. "Divide and conquer" is their motto, and they have done a damn good job at it. Racism only exists if you WANT it to exist. Period. Having said that, anyone who watches this video and then says that I am anti-Semetic or that I hate Jews, to you I have this to say: YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!! YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A COG IN THEIR MACHINE, AN AGENT IN THEIR SYSTEM, AND WHEN THE *CRAP* HITS THE FAN, DO NOT COME CRYING TO ME FOR SYMPATHY!!! YOU WON'T FIND ANY!!! I do not hate Jews. I do not hate anyone based on their color, culture or religion. What I hate is evil, and I am determined to fight evil--in all its forms and disguises. That is all. The truth of the New World Order is flashing right in front of your eyes, and yet most people cannot see it. Why? Because they choose not to see it, and they will reap the whirlwind for it. Don't be a fool. Open your eyes to what's blatantly obvious: The people of this world are heading straight into complete and total despotism, slavery and genocide—all because of a handful of evil, Satan-worshipping men and women at the top of our world's political power pyramid. Please subscribe to PreserveOurFreedoms to learn more. Final Note ...


  1. ONEshot1KILL4

    WATCH (Iran Complains Olympic 2012 Logo Spells “Zion” ) ON YOUTUBE IT SAYS IRAN IS THRETERNING US ABOUT OUR LOGO

  2. ribenariver

    Hi, I have watched your video and find that I concur with you on many of the points raised. I must admit that this is depressing stuff, but very true. i have a couple of questions: what are your sources and are you part of religion, if so what do you follow?

  3. africanmaan

    What is so unbelievable?
    that we aren’t alone in this vast amount of space
    if there are such super natural beings
    or maybe you dont think the world governments would want to do such a thing as GAIN ABSOLUTE CONTROL OVER PEOPLE MONEY AND RESOURCES maybe that is it?
    people need to expand their mind to the possibilities
    I believe because things just don’t seem right to me when i compare the present to history
    you don’t have to believe just know their are things being hidden from the public

  4. SteveFusionX


    70% of israeli’s are atheist. (Christians regard atheists as being the same as satanists.)
    Since modern day satanists do not “worship” satan – they believe themselves to be God.

  5. SteveFusionX


    70% of israeli’s are atheist. (Christians regard atheists as being the same as satanists.)
    Since modern day satanists do not “worship” satan – they believe themselves to be God.

  6. SteveFusionX


    check on wikipedia, the one-eyed masonic mascots (to represent a SPORTS event) are called “ManDEVILLE’s” which is kinda odd in itself, I think.

  7. ApexxRap

    Please reply: I like this video. I agree and understand it all. Except the part about why the khazarian’s worship satan. They are claiming Jewish faith right? Jews believe in God. So why are these particular ones luciferian’s?

  8. jagking69

    Exceptional video… I have been preaching and doing workshops all about this for the last 2 yrs and the olympics logo just put the top on the cake. Thank you and please keep praying and spreading the truth.
    You can also see more about blubeam and money and other such things on my channel.
    Spiritual things are spiritually discerned, let those who hath an ear, let him hear.

  9. FemaleFrogger

    @FDCbadaman I have read the protocols of Zion. That document has been CLEARLY proven to be a fradulent anti-semitc book. You can probably find information on wikipedia on it. I do agree with you about stuff that is hidden right in front of our faces though. I am sure some people use the name Zion for evil purposes but I’m not one of them.  Even the movie the Matrix used the name as its home town. Anyway I like your profile and peace to you also.

  10. FDCbadaman

    @FemaleFrogger look up the protocols of zion and zionism influence in the world…they called it zion to trick religious people research it it will amaze you what is hidden right in front of your face….peace

  11. netix75

    what the hell do you mix ufo’s over jerusalem with the 2012 olympics????

    asshole !

  12. thestrid82

    I, as a design student, know that this hidden message is most probably sillyness, although I am open minded to such ideas. The colours optically clash, and the disjointed, dynamic design is meant to show movement, but its more arty than design per se. THAT is the ‘meaning; behind it. Logos have to be seen in CONTEXT. When they are taken OUT OF CONTEXT they can mean NOTHING in most cases.

  13. omar1131

    yea even those two alien shaped one eyed anti-Christ mascots seems architecture right?

  14. omar1131

    Respond to this video…
    this is real . go research yourself. you ignorant people trying to deny this video.

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