Kobe Bryant and Lebron James Jay Z (Illuminati ?) You Decide

eskeldon23 asked:

Follow me on Twitter @EricInfinity It's a war for your mind right now. These are real intense spiritual times we are in. Keep an open mind and educate yourself. Tupac was eliminated by the Illuminati for his stance against them.


  1. SpiritualSoul420

    Those who have already sold their souls can still gain eternal life? Now i really dont believe in christianity, that sounds like a manmade rule

  2. dvdbolanos2

    one more thing…
    Kobe is in LA, LeBron in Miami and Jay Z is in New York… on a map this makes… a Triangle!!!!

  3. dvdbolanos2

    Some I’m guessing the Illuminati “street workers” take time off their busy days to train Kobe and LeBron to keep them in tip top shape for the devil’s game aka basketball. They obviously care more about Kobe considering his rings.

  4. dvdbolanos2

    you forgot kobe’s current number 24… what does 2+4 equal??? holy crap!!


    Some people without jobs shouldn’t be allowed internet access. its these morons with nothing to hope for who put this out. Get a Life. If you don’t like, don’t watch. Their probably in several closets themselves. I’d bet on it.

  6. eskeldon23

    @RoyalAlbano He gives everyone a Choice which path one wants to take. Read Revelations, it’s all in the Bible. Everyone will face The Moment of Truth and I know which side I will be Fighting For. Choose Well my Friends.

  7. RoyalAlbano

    Biggest load of crap i have ever seen hahaha. Btw if there is a God how come he lets this all happen and not let something against it rise instead of some rap lyrics about god?

  8. jj23ti

    this shit is hilarious. i’m laughing my ass off just thinking that some people actually believe this crap.
    Kobe would like to get his sixth ring which represents 666. OH SHIT, BRYANT IS SATAN HIMSELF. His high school jersey number was 33!! 3+3=6. THAT’S SOME DEVIL SHIT. :DDD
    Oh shit, Mark Sanchez is nr. 6, he is going to throw SATAN’s bombs on your asses on Judgement Day.
    Ron Perlman is possessed!!! He played a demon in the movie Hellboy. OOOOH SHIT SAVE ME BABY JESUS.
    You guys are nuts. :D

  9. 77ScarFace11

    Here’s a different perspective of what Jay-Z might be about blog realspeak.co check the article Jay-Z Nolluminati on the right

  10. lewystyles

    tupac got shot.. just like a million other “thugs”.. oh btw god is a figment of your imagination you fuckin tools

  11. 7a88xl

    Kobe Scored 81 On His 666th Game Of His Career 6+6+6 = 18 That’s 81 Backwards Killuminati Listen To Immortal Technique He Exposes The Illuminati Look At Wade Bosh And Bron Jerseys 3,1,6 John 316 In The Bible Shaq Retired After His 6th Team Lebron 23 2×3 = 6 Kobe 24 2+4 = 6

  12. L33thalLee

    @vaelemin You are right. The 1%er’s are all for population control and eugenics. We are nothing but “useless eaters” or profane while they are “illuminated.” Monsanto, FDA, and any huge corporation are all fueled by money and greed. It’s “coincidental” to me how Romney, who believes that “corporations are people,” is leading in the primaries. We are all about to get sodomized.

  13. vaelemin

    @L33thalLee Lol for anyone thinking conspiracy theorists are crazy they just need to research GMO foods and sodium fluoride in are water supply. Once you see that the goverment is poisoning you you wont find anything crazy.

  14. Johonywuzhere

    Just insane people trying to make something out of nothing. If 98% of hollywood was doing this, then why has no regular person seen them doing this rituals? If the Illuminati is so powerful how come all those people putting out books and videos trying to “expose” the Illuminati, how come they aren’t dead yet? How come the Illuminati hasn’t snuffed them out, when the Illuminati supposedly controls everything? People have died for less. Give me break.

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