Kevin Trudeau talks about Bilderberg on the Alex Jones Show Part 1

truthiskey911 asked:

Kevin Trudeau on the Alex Jones show 5/26/09. Alex talks with Kevin Trudeau, the infomercial marketer ordered by a federal judge to pay more than $37 million for violating a 2004 stipulated order by allegedly misrepresenting the content of his book, The Weight Loss Cure They Dont Want You to Know About.


  1. kauphaart0

    Alex and Kevin pretty much share the same basic approach to business: “There’s a sucker born every minute”

  2. JJBanks1975

    I used to really like Alex Jones, until now. I cannot believe someone like Alex would actually say he supports a criminal like Trudeau.

  3. rfwelsh

    Kevin Trudeau is a convicted fraud. And here is Alex defending him.

    Hmmm. Makes me question Alex’ integrity.

  4. arakenne1

    healthfreedomusa or does tests trudeau on his involvement with the globalist elite.

  5. AzBirdDog

    Alex Jones speaking highly about Kevin tells me that Jones really doesn’t have a clue, he’s not informed AT ALL, and a complete idiot for supporting kevin.
    Hey Jones, Kevin doesn’t like speaking about himself because that would expose him.
    Come on Jones, google the guys name before you come out supporting him.
    My sister speaks about Jones all the time. Now I wonder about my sister being an idiot in the same parade. Sheesh!

  6. AmsterdamHeavy

    @steveahmann ..and what does any of that chatter have to do with the guy stealing credit card information from his *customers* and using them to buy $120k worth of shit for himself? Trudeau has even said dumbshit like it was a “youthful indiscretion” & “Ive changed since then” – he has ADMITTED to this but OHhhh, right, he was set up… You fucking idiot, defending a common thief.

  7. steveahmann

    @AmsterdamHeavy Hi my name is Amsterdam and I believe that everyone that goes to prison is guilty and the cops are not corrupt and dont set people up at all. Also, the laws in the US are fair and just and the Dug War has not completely ruined this country and made a whole bunch of politicians and corrupt DEA agents completely rich at the expense of everyone else…

  8. iskdude57

    @BrunoDaKeeper anything that’s alkalizing can cure cancer, minerals are alkalizing. Pretty much all degenerative diseases are due to over acidity. You can also get diseases from over alkalizing but that’s not going to happen, especially living in this country.

  9. eBiology

    I know Wikipedia may not be the best source… but reading the Wikipedia page describing Kevin Trudeau should make anyone reconsider whether to involve themselves in some scam infomercial product…

  10. BrunoDaKeeper



  11. IamCanadian3333

    @Leprosy5000 wow you’re not very mature, I think need some growing up to do, you really ain’t giving Atheists a good name. Resorting to potty-mouthing and name calling really doesn’t make you look good or smart ;). Just some advice for ya ;). You can thank me later :D.

  12. Leprosy5000

    @nicknchrist Man, no one can think for themselves any more. Religion was made up by a bunch of dingbats that didn’t know how to explain terrible things, so they made up a god and started killing each other and flagellating themselves for him. Chances are it was prompt medical care that saved you and not some divine Jesus-magic.

  13. nicknchrist

    @Leprosy5000 Not my style but I can tell you this…Jesus loves you even in your rebellion. I wouldn’t be sitting here if what I’m saying is not true. I’d be a dead kid on the side of the road..,but He had better plans.

  14. Leprosy5000

    @nicknchrist You sad bastards bringing your psycho-babel on the internet. Go fuck a bible ya creeps.

  15. nicknchrist

    The truth of these matters piss me right off how corrupt men’s hearts are but most certainly exposes the NEED for Jesus Christ and His redemptive power,

  16. 6killa6mike6

    Anyone who believes this, you need to messege me and ask about G.I.N if you dont know about it already or even if you do.
    Anyone who doesnt, i will pray for you,when you die from taking prescription medicines(which only get you sicker), eating the non-organic food, or living in poverty. He has made other books that tell you how to get money from the GOVERNMENT! I mean they do control the media, dont you think they will slander his name bcause he is telling you how to get free money they owe you

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