1. nano05

    I have transposed this to a document..let me know if anyone wants a copy…msg me and will send it to your email. Be Blessed!

  2. CloseToChrist

    This Word is so strong and accurate. 2012 will be a year of miracles and surprises! Whoa…Jesus!

  3. kozmoses

    I can honestly say with everything i am every piece of my being knows this to be true..its going to be an amazing time for the next few years…Gods Best Peace and Blessings be with us all…thank You Jesus forever

  4. TheBedKeeper

    I just can’t stop listening to this! I have never had such a strong witness in my spirit to a prophetic utterance (and I’ve been privileged to hear a lot of them). Simply humbling how powerful God is moving in the earth through His ministers in the earth today! THANK YOU, LORD!

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