Jordan Maxwell – Close Encounters and other stories : A Project Avalon Interview with Bill Ryan

AlphaZebra asked:

I recently had the great privilege of talking with Jordan Maxwell, fresh after our May 2010 visit to the Vatican, about some of his personal stories and experiences - some of which are astonishing by any standards. One or two he had told in his September 2009 Interview with Project Camelot, but the majority are new. He has shared these with the public before. There's nothing here about the workings of the Illuminati or the New World Order. Instead you'll be watching Jordan presenting a series of extraordinary and fascinating personal experiences - any one of which would be significant to most people watching this video - but Jordan has MANY. Kick back and enjoy the presentation. Much of this is new material. NOT to be missed. http


  1. MojosGh0st

    Avalon. It is a “nod to the famous MGM Lion… A nod to the power of film and video in making manifest”

    Merlin used a staff made of “Holly-Wood” to cast his illusions. MGM Grand comes from the the known Freemasons, “Louis B Mayer” Who with American film producer “Sam Goldwyn” created the “Metro Goldwyn Mayer” Trade mark. They are from the “St. Cecile Lodge No. 568, New York City.”

    The fearsome Lion of Judah, or Sun God roars the illusion in thousands of theaters across the land.

  2. MojosGh0st

    I believe Project Camelot may be Metaronic freemasonry. I say this because, by there own words:
    “About Us: The best place to hide is in the open”
    “King Arthur. We named our project in tribute to the vision behind the Utopian idea of the Round Table – and have structured all our efforts in this inspiring spirit.”
    “Note: for those who are wondering about the Cheetah (“Cheat-ya”) logo and now the Snow Leopard used here on Kerry’s site, Project Camelot Productions, and also on Bill’s site Project

  3. montsyblackmadonna

    @SensibleStan Because Jordan is a freemason and liar.Jordan mixes truth with fiction.

  4. montsyblackmadonna

    Jordan Maxwell is a freemason.Just one example from this video.6 days,6 weeks,or 6 months,666.13 steps too,etc…Jordan is always sneaking in masonic and occult symbolism and codes when he talks.

  5. WhitePompousGods

    @airscrew1 watch the videos “debunking Jordan Maxwell” and see how many they point out. I’m not saying I believe the guy or not, but he IS very interesting to listen to. I’d just like to know why guys like these always get these kind of “grand deals” and other people who should get them don’t? I’d love to see one of these grand deals on my door. lol, I just don’t think they happen to ANYONE, not just this guy.

  6. lonecrow66

    @abbazin102 Yes I get t those “flashes” as well .. I used to get them all the time and thought it was just twinkling but it isn’t. I live in an area where the magnitude is pretty crappy so it has to be bright for me to see it. I spend a lot of time outside and I rarely see shooting stars. I’ve asked them to show me a shooting star before and instantly got one. This has happened many times. They can hear us and they are playful.

  7. HolyCity2012

    @dougie2010ify LAUGH OUT LOUD!
    What the hell is wrong with your grammer?
    Are you six years old?

  8. Rob24643

    its hard for me to believe but i did watch max’s video about bankers well that video seemed true but this one idk lol.

  9. soupniga


    chuckie cheese smells like socks, all the games are sticky, and the pizza is super greasy.
    I still loved it though
    J.Maxwell 1987

  10. abbazin102

    @lonecrow66 shit I done that before too not that long ago but it was by myself at midnite and I told em if you can hear me come back over here and a minute later were I asked it to arive in my mind it did and I was like… damn then I did it once more but I only saw a lil flash the last time

  11. abbazin102

    @617edmonddantes Yeah, kinna true but people make mistakes and get pressured to try to hard to remember the rite answer… shit in court I was innocent and I started forgetting the full truth so I had to build on my story a little cuz they wouldn’t beleiv me if I said “I don’t remember” especially when you get interviewed a lot you always want to say the same thing and thats kinna hard even if it is true especially at that age I would assume

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