Illuminati Way !

Montagraph asked:

Just Doodling around on a Sunday afternoon. Here is the link to VolunteerMatch This is the address that came up after the cordinates were typed in and you will see that the exact address from the cordinates is associated in the 1st link via google as VolunteerMatch eventhough the address [Alone] does not exsist.


  1. candorist

    and Illuminati way bring to Czechoslovakia again, Are you fooling us here or what am i doing wrong

  2. qazqaz23

    i just watch ya vid all i kan say is hmm if what u are sayin is true how did they know about obama be 4 he waz the prez also to say there is that birth slip could it be that he waz not born he waz made i am black an i kan tell u white ppl who do not know he is not black do not be fooled he may be brown but he is far from being black.
    wake up to the nwo freedom is not free

  3. Lieu3C4

    Have you seen the Swatiaks the Nazies planted in the Black Forest, deciduous trees among the evergreens? Only from the air in the Fall are they there. Most are gone now, uprooted and replanted.

  4. IronRangeSurvival

    Built lots of “town home” & “condo’s”, and depending on the build schedule, the designs can change. Some of it is just learning curve as it goes from building to building. Many designs including the “eve’s”, are really just aesthetic, with dead space; not that there isn’t something weird going on.

    Should try “UNITED STATES corporation global “company store””. Maybe the global country to country numbered plan will pop up.

  5. dodoinurpants

    Very interesting. I wonder what type of coordinates would result if you loked at the structures from the other 3 sides of the square, or maybe you already tried that.

  6. psywarteam

    Bar Codes ? yep in you face, Im not sure wich is the grater thret, these money holders or muslims taking over with schrea law.we as Americans are under attack from every angle and have spinless people in the white house to up hold our peoples republic…

  7. Winstonsees

    Some companies give folks options. The rear extensions and front eves could have been optional extras. I worked with a company that sold properties before they were finished.. Many folks went the whole nine yards and got most or all the options including fixtures, fittings and decoration, others didn’t, they got the basic package without the extras, decorated themselves and bought their own appliances etc.

  8. PatriotPrepper

    Pretty wild Monty. Don’t let the SOBs pull the wool over our eyes.



  9. enok45

    I would like to know what kind of tenents that complex houses. Is it a mixure of people or by any chance do all of them work in goverment?

  10. UtRadioGuy

    Why is there NO street view for any of these buildings? You can get a street view on Lee Hwy and zoom into the 2nd building. They look like town homes. Maybe military housing?

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