Illuminati Code Revealed: London False Flag Decoded [A Must Watch]

Nebulous1982 asked:

STAY AWAY FROM LONDON! UPDATE: Nothing happened today (3//8/2013), and that is a good thing. Yet the content of this video shows a clear pattern of the numbe...


  1. John Smith

    Who has time to even do these videos. BTW, I thought that you Truther are against censorship, What’s with the comment approval ?…

  2. ashatbulaparanormal

    gave thumbs down. all religion r killers for control of the planet and the humans on it. It all needs to stop!!

  3. Nebulous1982

    Mohammed (peace be upon him) hosted a delegation of christians for 3 days to discuss theological matters. They rejected him to be a prophet, and nothing happened to them. When will you christians ever learn?

    Islam is from God and contains solutions. No usury, and a clear way to distribute wealth. Is this from satan?

    What does christianity have to offer? Christ supposedly died for us. Where are the solutions?

  4. Aaron James

    I gotta say that Islam is not the answer, Islam was made by Satan to be used as a tool, nothing more.
    The truth is the words God told us when he sent himself down in human form, the gospel is the truth and the way. Jesus warned of a one world government and all that is to come. Islam is a religion of death, they kill chrstians, other muslims, jews and Bhuddists. If you do not believe in “Allah” then you get your throat cut. That is a cult of death. Christ told us to bless your enemies. U pick.

  5. behas roy

    Hi,thanks for your efforts :D
    that is true,Number 38 is a symbol => 3+8=11
    The storm is coming… The false flag is coming…
    11.11.2011-27.7.2012-21.12.2012-3.8.2013—maybe 22.8.2013 => 11years11months11days after 9.11.2001 !!!

  6. Mohamed Meknessi

    I think nothing will happen, because this is spread on youtube and they are not dumb to betray themselves. Maybe about few years…

  7. lewroyb

    That 2012 movie bit was complete rubbish lol, an the anthony hopkins bit, david clark headsets, ever heard of them?

  8. Richard Hookway

    How does Big Ben affect the ley lines or should I say Dragon ley lines of London. Disney was a Freemason and so was Thomas Jefferson. What gets released if these ley lines are set free of a monotonous clock?

  9. Mohamed Meknessi

    From The Netherlands: I’m curious if it really will happen. Mw3 = illumination shit!

  10. zeudi hussein

    I live in London what shall i do?
    shall i go and catch a train as soon as possible and move to Birmingham i know i left it too late but with good reason i fled the London 2012 Olympics and i don’t want to overreact when nothing happens i see startling evidence but so was the Olympics

  11. zeudi hussein

    how about me i live in north London feel kind of scared to be truly honest i fled London during the 2012 Olympics
    for some wired reason something is stopping me this year leaving i take it its a sign that Allah wills me to stay in London.

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