1. KerryDoan

    I still want to know when the usa soldiers will come home - canada… living on a bunch of empty promises

  2. MacoutesGabber

    These aren’t coffins, it’s just a video showcasing soil containers, for nurseries. If these are coffins, where are the lids? It’s actually cheaper to throw corpses in the ground and throw lye on top of them. If these are really coffins, then maybe there’s a mass bio outbreak. If there WAS one, how would you remedy it? What are your answers?

  3. soulsurcher

    They think that their going to kill off all the Christians! This is not for people without faith. This is for those who name the name of Christ. Hitler thought he was killing the right poeple when he tried to eliminate the Jews, but it’s not religious Jews who are the real threat to Satan and his operation, but it’s Spirit filled Christians that are the true soilders of God. Let um come. Bring it on!!!! I’m ready in the name of Jesus. You come at me with gun, but I come in the name of the Lord !

  4. xadam2dudex

    this video isn’t made by Alex Jones.. I have seen this video and it was made by some guy ..this is his radio / online show but the video isn’t made by him

  5. TimothyDonaghue

    For SlipKnighT09:

    Firstly, they aren’t necessarily individual coffins. They can each fit up to three stacked “adult-size” bodies. So that’s 1.5 million dead bodies in that one shipment in that one state. Other shipments have been documented around the country. How many millions is that now?

    Secondly, who says they won’t dump bodies in a big hole? Also, manufacturing of plastic was nowhere as streamlined and cheap as it is today.

    Finally, you asked two questions, not one.

    Hope this helps.

  6. VariusMayhem

    These FEMA-coffins… They come in sizes? I wanna fit in!
    HA! Fooled ya! Never give up!
    If we have to give these bastards our lifes…

  7. jdelagado54

    The only thing I can think of is that they want the impression that it isn’t “their fault” that these people have died (from the bird flu or whatever) and make it seem that they were “just taking care of the problem”….. and not being brutal by burying them like the nazis…..

  8. SlipKnighT09

    hmmm, one question, if theyre planning on mercilessly killing all these people……. why would they feel the need to have these people placed in individual coffins, why not just dump everyone in a big hole and burn them like in nazi germany……?

  9. Deltastrikes

    The founding four father were freemason’s and wanted the New World Order you lying dirtbag…

  10. nate6474

    nice the new world order needs to get it done to thim like that. than the amero comes out and the north amercan union and the RFID chip comes and you will not be able to buy are sell with out it
    that is why the tv went all digital. for the uhf and vhf for the RFID chip if they did not the chip would fry that is why the went digital and the in coded tv messages throw digital. sleep sheep sleep!!!!! and fema camps line up and get in the trains for the gas ride form the SS made Hitler again!!!!!


    If there’s going to be an extermiNation, there won’t be coffins- just plague pits of bodies burned, like in the zombie flicks – these containers are for PRESERVING food for the lizard aliens who will be going on a hunt-kill spree when the veil is lifted from our blocked frequency of sight and are, in horror, able to see those whom have been amonst us for thousands of years. Ahhh- but there WILL be a monkey wrench in all of this in OUR favor…..

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