Fashion with Occult, Illuminati, Masonic, and Satanic symbols

nwoFAILing asked:

Occult T-shirts from Macy's: Marc Ecko, Ed Hardy, American Rag, Tommy Hilfiger, Guess, DKNY Jeans, Calvin Klein, Zoo York, LRG, Lucky Brand Jeans, INC International Concepts... and I'm sure many more companies simultaneously campaigning to plaster ignorant peoples' chests with esoteric symbols.


  1. HoodstarMoTg007

    @vaxmo what’s the different between freemasons and illuminati ? there’s a different isnt it ?

  2. vaxmo

    Just because there may be secret societies who are running the world doesn’t mean they call themselves illuminati. And it sure as hell doesn’t mean they worship the devil. If they have true knowledge of the workings of the universe then they would know “worshipping the devil” is just fucking stupid. Reserve that shit for the emos and goths. And if the illuminati have infiltrated the freemasons like so many believe, then I’m sure that most masons aren’t even aware of it.

  3. HenchMc

    @NZmozzeegirl yes hello there…so what am i supose 2 drink? because fluoride is better then dehydration! :S…..i hear ppl sayin yh fluoride in toothpaste, fluoride in water, fluoride in fluoride wtf!?

  4. MrDuffy81


    Answer: Belief in and reverence for a supernatural power or powers regarded as creator and governor of the universe.
    A personal or institutionalized system grounded in such belief and worship.

    What is the ONLY stipulation to becoming a mason???



  5. thedollhouse10

    @thedollhouse10 sounds similiar to buddhism or hindu do you have proof that they are worshiping false gods while your not? If you belive satan is real then i guess eveybody can believe anything they want to believe sounds like freedom to me.

  6. theindigonation

    @thedollhouse10 yes Satanism is a religion the other false gods are more of a program there is a difference in Satanism we believe in freedom of thought, I have no problems with atheists our ways of thinking about life are very similar to yours but you don’t include the spiritual aspect, we ARE about freedom of thought, the spiritual is just a higher frequency of the natural, and can and will be explained by science, we include meditation, psychic development, our ancient gods, and practices.

  7. thedollhouse10

    @theindigonation if you believe satan is god then satanism is a religion and no religion is without their beliefs so how is there freedom in satanism? please explain because i might be an athiest, and how does pagan or non pagan beliefs differ because they all have gods or a god that require worship or reference. and as a satanist shouldn’t you not discriminate against other people’s beliefs?

  8. yerzhdaniyar

    Hope God helps everyone, to make peace on earth, where everyone is equal. Where everyone is being tested by God on his own way, to be respectable to go back to heaven.
    For freedom and God, for love and respect, for proving ourselves, for aiming at stars, for being forgiven, and to heaven admitted.

  9. yerzhdaniyar

    Can anyone tell me?
    I heard from somewhere, that illuminati, masons and other orders started war with secret elite families. Everyone knows, that masons, illuminaty and other orders are puppets of secret elite families. Is it 4 real? I mean some of goverment people, presidents and other started secret plan of puting down the secret elite families.

  10. TheLovelymix

    @theindigonation You get the wrong person darling nobody in this place at least know GOD & Satan The creator & the creation more than me. You know I sympathy Satan from himself more than hate him really, but for Satanism I don’t just hate it, I detest it.
    Remember you cannot be free just because you follow Mr. Satan, since you are a creature on earth there is rules to follow even for animals (search).
    Look for the “Arrivals” series here watch it then come, if you won’t then I am Stopping here,

  11. TheLovelymix

    @theindigonation Lady Gaga,Madonna & else are surely Satanist DO NOT SAY NO I have evidences, I have one question: The sales of music industry have reduced 50% since internet illegal downloads of songs the question is: Who the hell is paying all this millions for music productions while it’s a failed commerce?
    You? The likes of you? or the elite?!!!

  12. TheLovelymix

    @theindigonation First of all who said I am christian? second SATAN WANTS US TO BE FREE?! right who told you? him? you know what is the funny thing, that you believe in Satan ,which is by the way not his name “Satan” is a subject, you worship him while you don’t know his true name! illuminati are not doing Satanism by themselve they want YOU to do it. you know I sympathy you, I am proud with myself & proud to say I am here not because my parent told me to but because I know what I am doing.

  13. theindigonation

    @TheLovelymix Satanism is about freedom to empower yourself spiritually, freedom of thought, freedom to choose your own course in life, freedom of dress, music, lifestyle, way you present yourself etc, you can pretty much be yourself, and the freedom is from oppressive religions such as Islam and Christianity, Communism, Marxism etc the freedom I am talking about is true freedom.

  14. theindigonation

    @TheLovelymix There are several regional chapters check out any major university town, that’s where they recruit people, anyways Satanism is not like what you are told, it predates the bible and thus the bible is irrelevant, Enki is Satan, also your afterlife will not be that great if you follow xtianity.
    See my channel.

  15. TheLovelymix

    Satanic = Masonic for people who say NO I say NO & go educate yourself if you don’t want to then STOP making fun of yourself!

  16. TheLovelymix

    @theindigonation mmm…first really what you wrote is really interesting! you are fighting Illuminati saying they are bad because they are anti satanism?! Satanism is better because it mean freedom for humanity? can I ask from who? be free from who?
    second if Illuminati are anti Satan & satanism then please can you tell me where are they? if this true I want to join them! they are wealthy they are against Satan that means that this life is great & after life is great who doesn’t want that!

  17. WoordWerks

    @mylittleponies322 I saw that illuminati knight one. Actually it was similar b ut it had a pyramid around the eye as well as a hand and it said ‘Brotherhood’ in red.

  18. theindigonation

    @TheKicksButt if you want to be hateful thats you but I will always do my own thing and not conform to Society. I believe in total freedom including the freedom to say what you just did.
    Peace Love and Freedom

  19. theindigonation

    First off Satan in Sanskrit means ETERNAL TRUTH, the ILLUMINATI IS NOT AT ALL SATANIC THEY ARE THE POLAR OPPOSITE OF SATANISM! The Illuminati DOES however put on a false Satanic front to those who know about them, to confuse them as they are a big threat to them if they were to learn the truth about Satan/Enki (our true creator) and our origional gods and the powers of the mind (that the illuminati use freely to control humanity) the illuminati would be done for. Satan wants humanity to be free.

  20. TheKicksButt

    @MrDuffy81 I know they will dude..
    I didn’t say you was wrong on that.
    I just wanted to say that masonry is not a religion…
    I know cause my grand dad is a mason

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