David Icke – HUMAN RACE, GET OFF YOUR KNEES : A Project Avalon Interview with Bill Ryan

AlphaZebra asked:

David Icke talks with Bill Ryan from Project Avalon about his newly published (May 2010) book: HUMAN RACE, GET OFF YOUR KNEES. projectavalon.net http bill@projectavalon.net


  1. 351conan

    for those who have at least listened even tho your comments are negative you have started the search to find your self. you will find that this will become more real to you the deeper you plunge. do yourself a favor keep looking you,ll find the truth. the biggest secret is you. peace

  2. esther19741974

    @benroo89 Das ist, warum du keine Freunde haben? Ihre kognitiven Fähigkeiten ist auch sehr schlecht, deshalb kann man nicht debattieren, die Sie gerade sagen, piss off

  3. esther19741974

    David Icke, the man who once confessed to be Jesus Christ says, Human Race, Get Off Your Knees. wrong David Icke, the human race better get on there knees! individually you better get on your knees! judgement has been set. The once great nation of the united states, the forefather’s started this great nation on there knees, have now abandoned the lord, so judgement has been set, the nation of America get on your knees, the world get on your knees and repent!

  4. esther19741974

    why does Alex jones promote a man who claims to be the son of god? why does a christian such as Alex promote a man with new age beliefs ? David Icke believes the same crap that the elite do, whom he is exposing! its like Satan exposing Satan! the new world order are new age David Icke! David Icke and the new world order have many things in common one of them is they hate and Deny Jesus Christ! and want a cleansing during the age of enlightenment! the cleansing terminology is simply culling us

  5. Cutie9326

    David Icke, you are a disinfo agent and a new ager. Repent for your sins and accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior or you’ll end up in hell and never see the inside of Heaven. I am one of God’s Watchmen and you’ve been warned…

  6. AllahConsciousness

    @RAIDERS58th He’s totally the wisest. I’ll admit he’s a bit crazy as well, but he isn’t as absurd as reality. Think long enough about the nature of your life and nothing is more absurd than the conclusions you will arrive at. Reality is inherently absurd, so people speaking absurdity are observing reality well.

  7. genHawkeye1

    he’s absulutly right when it come’s to the control of the people trough fear, all religions are there to take away oure primal-fear, the fear of death, the end of this awareness or however “you” may call it, this one, this revalation or whatever no exeption, it take’s him a whole 15min before he come to that, two movements of people, the one’s that stick to the “solid” world are going to vanish the moment the “energetic construct” fall’s, he almost scared me into enlightenment tell you that!

  8. boltingskyline

    If you want to understand the language of David Icke without criticising him & calling him crazy, then you first have to be prepared to lose your old world-paradigm and WAKE YOURSELF UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UPPPPPPPP!!!!

  9. bondurango


    Let’s say your right. How does Icke get disparate sources to corroborate each other? Next, explain why the human embryo gestates as a reptile before morphing into a mammal when other mammals do not & why humans have a reptilian brain (R-complex) but the great apes don’t (all in contradiction to ANY evolutionary hypothesis)? Finally, explain why EVERY religion on the planet has a reptile mythology & why do they factor into the origin and/or creation of human beings?

  10. batistaker123

    @RAIDERS58th I know he seems so damn crazy but he’s also very well read and intelligent.

  11. Levandetag

    @RAIDERS58th I agree :-)
    But IF he is the wisest, and we ignore what he says?
    then what? ;-/

  12. hAzz2theBeat

    reptilians is just a cover up from the government to distract you from the real evidence and events that happen all the time

  13. phatzmb

    I sympathise with your suspicion of physics, mediums etc. However I think that David Icke’s is remarkably sincere, and although wacky sounding his ideas strike a chord with me. So while I don’t believe in the moon manipulation, reptilian agenda etc per se, I think once you break through the literal meaning and interpret the ideas themselves, they make sense. Take it like a scifi or myth, the names and technology etc are made up, but the real story isn’t any less valuable for that.

  14. TaintedDrifter

    I’m pretty sure Icke is a reptilian himself. A positive one, though, trying to help us…

  15. hulkmam3

    is it just my computer or is his voice all messed up or bad sound on the tape

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