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spiriton101 asked:

90% of the Guardian readership believe the evictions were right. That should say something of the daily mail readership. I see no option left for those who see things differently than the majority than to 'Declare Independence' and fight for the love of life. Iceland has been so out of the news because they've done just that. Sadly as with Iceland it seems to only happen when 90% find that money is actually just a game of monopoly. There will however be many countries in Europe faced with similar debt including the UK. How long will it be before the UK wakes up to the facist control freaks who now run our lives. Maybe sooner than you think.


  1. spiriton101

    I’m suggesting actually declaring independence . . why in hells name are you all arguing with each other when we all have one common enemy . . or have they got you so much into the woods that can’t tell the wood from the trees.

  2. MrKetchup111

    why should a person be allowed to speed when they are not allowed to speed? Why should a person be allowed to smoke weed when they are not allowed to smoke weed. Shouldn’t you be demanding people stop doing this rather than trying to provide homes for themselves? which is more important, a roof over your head or a blast of weed? BTW the houses and buildings on the land were there when the people bought the land. That is the point some of you dont get or dont want to get

  3. MrKetchup111

    Was it your land the Travellers were on for 10 years? do you own land? or even a pot to piss in?

  4. MrKetchup111

    “fucked us over” Are you trying to convey the idea that Travellers are in a conspiracy to “fuck us over” (stereotypical bullshit and myths now follow)
    Do or did they have meetings along the lines of ” hey we will steal their children, we will steal the lead of their churches, we will pay no car, council income tax, while we are doing this we will put a spell on the police so although they harass us more than any other ethic group they will be blind to these criminal doings” FFS

  5. smithysproductionz

    1. im not a pikey.
    2. i pay tax
    3. im not irish
    4. your comment made loads of sense ;)

  6. MrKetchup111

    If you need that to be explained then you are beyond understanding the issue

  7. MrKetchup111

    How exactly have travellers “fucked” your over? Isnt this a planning act issue?

  8. hazdude222

    @MrKetchup111 10 years and many courts later have decided that it was illegal and hey, travelers have fucked us over enough anyway.

  9. MrKetchup111

    You are right, the comment on here or other threads are not about planning but the culture of the people involved, if it had been a black or asian culture the racists would of not felt they could discriminate and use the foul racist language they did, which would suggest they are cowards and dont have the strength of their racist convictions if they can be held accountable.BUt these treads are being monitored and hopefully those who transgressed the most will be held accountable

  10. spiriton101

    @MrKetchup111 I think as usual it’s a case of the continuing battle against all the ‘unwanted’. A particualarly virulent viral strain that seems to infect the human race under the guise of ‘devide & rule’ right across the world. In this case the council representing far too people who just like everything to be like them without the slightest colour to life. I know it’s not all one sided but that’s just the nature of the virus.

  11. MrKetchup111

    The council lied about what land dale farm was on, first they said it wasn’t a scarp yard and when evidence was produced to show it was they agreed it was then they said they didn’t lay any hardcore when the owner and even the guy who laid it came forward they admitted they did than they said they had tried to find land for a swop but when it was shown they had actually tuned down land to exchange they went ahead with a police led eviction, this is Britain and they can do it to u

  12. hazdude222

    @spiriton101 I read somewhere a piece about how no-one should have to be under government rule if they don’t want to – this is fine up to a point where you cherry pick what you want to take from the government and then ignore everything else E.G. if a dale farm resident were to fall ill, clearly they would want to be treated by the NHS.

  13. spiriton101

    @hazdude222 ohhh a conversation point. Don’t get many of those on youtube, more just people mouthing off without understanding what their talking about. Essentially I rekon that’s a good question because from one perspective it’s absoulutely true, why should they build on land without the kind of permissions most people need to get.Yeh I get that, so fair doos. If you really want me to answer though and show you why there’s actually several arguments. If you want a serious reply then let me know

  14. hazdude222

    Why should they be allowed to build where they are not allowed to build? How is that racist?

  15. spiriton101

    here we go . . thought I’d attract a few trolls, speak my yellow face and name your name or be gone back to your own hole.

  16. smithysproductionz

    they gave them plenty of chance to leave without force and they didnt. maybe now the pikeys will pay for somewhere to live and start paying tax. if not they should piss off back to ireland

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