Creepy Illuminati Message in Batman Movie Hints at Sandy Hook School

TheAlexJonesChannel asked:

In this movie scene (1:58 into the movie) from Dark Knight Rises, "Sandy Hook" is about the only legible text on the whole map (look left of the walkie talkie in the screenshot above), and a guy puts his fingers on it. Someone says the dialogue at this point is "There are no coincidences.". But we haven't verified that, yet. Allegedly the Illuminati code of conduct mandates that they must place warnings of upcoming events. They don't have to be particularly clear, but they must be there. Read more: CHECK OUT [INFOWARS THE MAGAZINE] Buy it as a Gift or Order one for Yourself. ProPur Water Filtration Receive 15% off with promo code WATER15 - Good Until Dec 10th Alex Jones teams up with ProPur to provide you with the new gold standard of water filtration systems. ProPur takes the traditional gravity filtration systems and updates it for the 21st century. The ProPur Water Purification Systems with its new carbon domed filters are stronger and last longer than anything currently on the market. sign up today and share your UserID/Passcode with 4 extra people!


  1. Jonathan Hopkins

    Don’t trust anything you read on Google. Google are part of the system. Google is an inside job. Truthers for peace. Run to the mountains. Stockpile pillows. Only pillows. Stay truth, brothers.

  2. jskillzification

    You all are seeing everything wrong!!! The illuminati wants the ideal society!!! They want Peace!!! Stay tuned i will make a video shortly and explain everything perfectly for you!!! Soon you will all join my side and hurry our way to the NWO!!! Instead of fighting against them you need to help them achieve their goals!!! Soon you will truly understand wats going on!!! 666

  3. augsterblogster

    Google Illuminati and I am sure you will have a plethora of mire to wade through. What is true and what is not? Good question. For all we know it is theater to further confuse the masses.

  4. augsterblogster

    America is involved in the forceful instillation of government figures so that every country is on the same page. Our foreign policy is criminal at best with our domestic being that which favors corporation over person. And it is a policy that we are going to instill in every corner of the globe or die trying. I don’t read much on secret societies, but I do know a few key politicians that have helped steer history are members/brothers of one in particular. Research helps create transparency.

  5. YTN3rd

    You have something like 6 million dreams a night, its only likely that something like that actually happens.

  6. somethingclever2007

    what he’s describing with the dreams, that shit actually happens. it’s like familiar pieces of your future that float vaguely through your subconscious in a dream which only goes to show that we are connected to each other on such a deep level its crazy.

  7. Jason Cook

    I don’t believe everything Alex says but some of the things are true do your own active research and keep an open mind the only way to find truth in anything

  8. Anthony Spears

    Yes, I knew that before the conspiracy folks did, and I made a video about it. And he died 3 months before the release, not 8.

  9. Anthony Spears

    He didn’t pick Sandy Hook to be brought down. He was talking about the truck with the neutron bomb on it. BTW: If you click on ‘reply,’ it will link your comments to mine, and I will be informed that you replied. Saying @Anthony Spears doesn’t do shit but stand out to me if I scroll through the comments. That’s if…

  10. Anthony Spears

    The doctors did not say he was supposed to survive. It was the POLICE who said his injuries weren’t life threatening. Police are not doctors.

  11. zachis1egend

    my point was in response to this: “So why pick sandy hook, Anthony? What was so special about it that he had to pick that and of all things a place that needed to be brought down?” SOOOO while i understand what you’re trying to say, maybe look into what i was responding to before you comment…

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