Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura: “HAARP” (FULL LENGTH)

WakeUpToTheNWO asked:

*** FULL LENGTH 44 MINUTE EPISODE *** (Season 1, Episode 1) "HAARP" Is it a communications research project or a doomsday weapon that can change the weather, shoot satellites out of orbit - and trigger mind control across the globe? Jesse Ventura and his team head north to a remote region of Alaska to confront the military installation called HAARP.


  1. kimiso159

    We all should be standing up to all these conspiracies why are we not doing anything to stop this plan of distruction? We are afraid of the consequences if we do take stand. If there is a god i hope he will aid us through this crisis.

  2. kimiso159

    Is this the cause for global warming? I mean it is heating up the atmosphere. No wonder and here in Australia we are paying a bull shit tax of carbon tax. Perhaps man can discover new things but with their disgraceful greed of control and power man will never surpass it. It is a sad case where fight for power will cause war of this world. There has already been news of stolen information in American soil. Now well just have to wait and see where the war is going to happen. I am so sure of it.

  3. QuiNNZoomsHD

    @SCIFIguy64 I find it hard to believe you got 73% from all 3 of those resources, but aye, whatever you believe.

  4. SCIFIguy64

    @QuiNNZoomsHD No I read it in a book. Teachers told us that. Parents tell us that. Odds are it is fake.

  5. QuiNNZoomsHD

    @SCIFIguy64 73% huh, well listen, you probably found out that info ONLINE, so if it IS 73%, this is probably a false statement. Lol..

  6. ManicHispanic24

    I tought it was awfully fucking convenient that the Japanese earthquake happened at the height of the Wisconson union protests. as similar labor protest were starting to take hold in a dozen states. A national labor protest was beginning and it was all over the news. i was getting pretty excited. the next day Japan and it dominated the news, end of movement. pretty convenient.

  7. SCIFIguy64

    73% of info on the internet is fake. This is probly FAKE to. And anyway’s we didn’t use HAARP or nonsense like that. We fly high in the air that can take a large claw and grabs the ground and shakes the hell of it with masive AT-AT engins and are controlled by Darth Vader.

  8. Mandama004

    “The HAARP patent papers also stated that the invention could ‘simulate and perform the same function as performed by the detonation of a heavy type nuclear device’.” – official quote from a document on the UN website.

    The government tells us flat out that this could be dangerous. Basically, “Hey, here’s the proof that we’re trying to kill you. It’s no big deal though. Just look away, have some msg, watch some controlled media/news and bask in the chemclouds.”

  9. gilligan80

    Now i am not exactly discounting the possibility that the us IS using a weapon like this… i just doubt it would be in alaska… if anything the HAARP that we know is just a ruse or a cover for something else… if anything… it would be at the north or south pole… just think about that and it will make sense… even magnetically speaking the polar regions would be the PERFECT place to put “teslas” weapon…. also cold dry air amplifies the effects (think of static in the winter)….

  10. gilligan80

    Also… a lot of BS is being peddled about electrical charges and earthquakes… its been known since the 40s that prior to an earthquake there is an electric charge that passes through the earth… its evident by the fact that it has been known to KILL LARGE MASSES OF SMALL BIRDS AND FISH…. it does NOT mean HAARP fired…

  11. gilligan80

    Also… when high frequency systems are used such as teslas.. the conductors that are elevated MUST BE EXTREMELY INSULATED… the antennae array at harp uses exposed conductors… that would create leakage (read about skin effect) and most of the power would basically be wasted… teslas system had an elevated toroid (look up magnifying transmitter)

  12. gilligan80

    When they talk about its uses to take down aircraft and satellites haarp sounds more like a directed EMP… teslas beam could be used to manipulate an aircraft in the air… you could essentially take control of it… it would shut off and even be gently set back down on the ground… you have to understand how standing waves work… if thats what haarp is using its only using sound waves… not standing waves or actual charged particles…

  13. gilligan80

    teslas “gun” created a charged particle beam that could be aimed at the atmosphere… there was no limits on distance that the beam could travel… he even talked about transmutation of matter with his device which is WAY fucking beyond what HAARP is capable of doing with the set up they are using… tesla talked about being able to shoot a beam at a planet and actually carry particles of material to OR FROM that planet back to earth…

  14. gilligan80

    The thing that bugs the shit out of me about this is how tesla is always referenced as an original source of info for this… but if you read the research and patents he was working on when the tunguska event happen… he was not using antennaes anymore for anything… he actually had a charged particle “gun” that was made from glass… imagine one of those plasma balls with a tiny hole in it… when turned on it would create a vacuum then shoot charged particles straight out the hole

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