Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails – Jeffrey M Smith on GMO’s – FULL HD

ChemtrailsConference asked: To Get All 15 Presentations From The Historic "Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails Conference" Visit The Main Website (DVDs or Digital Downloads Available): August 17th - 19th, 2012 marked the largest stand ever against Chemtrails! Over the course of 3 days in Los Angeles, and live online around the world, 16 leaders in Geoengineering research met to show the Unity and Collective efforts we are now taking against these "Aerosol Crimes!" It was a historic turning point for the movement - now you can catch anything you missed at: **If you get a DVD or digital download we encourage you to burn it and hand them out in your local communities. You can share in the DVD format far and wide!**


  1. Gabrielle Diamante

    Sheeple have to wake up. Use your energy to be a light and beacon. The enemy feeds on low emotions. Simply don’t buy the stuff. Stay happy while you do it. Low frequencies feed the Lizzy’s.

  2. constantine340

    empire is panicking,their actions will be more and more aggressive,since”iraq”no one believes in farce called”freedom&democracy”

    stop technocracy

    stop gmo

    stop nwo

  3. Autumn Fawn

    Amazing how many people don’t know what they’ve done. Amazing how many people don’t even care. Don’t be afraid, be prepared. Learn all you can and apply what you learn. Be the change. $ is their God.

  4. TheMissdior123

    Thank you … makes me weep the thought of this actually happening. They are killing us and their very own children. Money is their god

  5. fireflyzband

    Got a new LIVE version of the song “Guinea Pig” that is about GMO’s. Check it out, like it, and share it with your friends! Spread the word through music!


    thats the plan to destroy nature, and to attack your body with food, air and water! who makes money! the drug company, chemical co. the dr., the air filter co, the water filter co,etc. their not people their devils look at their eyes ! make you sick to sell you a cure (pill) that makes you sicker.

  7. whalepoop

    Obummer and Romney both benefit from Monsanto….find out….. who benefits????, and you have your criminals!

  8. Sunarrows1

    They should be put in jail for their crimes, we need to stand up and boycott any and all companies that use this poison.

  9. Donna DeVane

    I would love to have you join me on Awakened Radio to share this information. Please contact me through YouTube so we can arrange it. Thank you. Donna DeVane

  10. CreativePotion

    Umm.. I never said that. I’ve researched all type of shit. And people are really over-dramatic about every subject that it’s ridiculous and a bit funny sometimes.

    In a few years? DUH! Because too much of ANYTHING in this world will effect your health in a few years, DUMB ASS. It has happened to everyone since the beginning of time, you’re bitching about old news.

    When you see a whale riding a bike in the air, THEN TELL ME. You don’t have to be no “expert”, it’s common fuckin’ sense.

  11. mystrol3

    yeah i want to here about your health in a few years dumb ass. you are not an expert on these subjects nor have you taken evidence yourself. i guess your government “never” lies in YOUR WORLD right?

  12. CreativePotion

    I find it funny how none of this “GMO” shit effects my life. I wake up everyday, eat food to survive just like EVERYBODY ELSE, drink this chloride water, sniff the air, ate the snow a couple times through my life and never got sick from it, I eat this pink ground beef shit that people talk about, I eat from fast food places…

    You people need to chill the fuck out and stop taking life way too seriously, because when you do, you can’t get out of it, you’ll know it for the rest of your life…

  13. joingin1

    For all watching this video remember this: people in control make sure that they are not impacted by any of this. What this means is: YOU don’t have to be impacted. So how do you do that? Very simple, you get the information the way people in control do it. All of them get information from various organizations which they are part of. High level members of these organizations share their knowledge and the other members take necessary steps to be immune and take advantage of these situations.

  14. meloearth

    Sure am glad to see this and other videos being released. Someone on your end gave me some shit a while ago when I complained as to why some uploads from the conference by other users were being removed. Makes me wanna buy a video now, just b/c you decided to share. I’ll share them with my friends on FB. Thanks, I appreciate it!

  15. meloearth

    My unanswered question about the money has always been this: if they also print money, why would they be after “our” money? Money is a symbol. What they want is mind control and control of natural resources, plus, likely, depopulation.

  16. waygee1234

    This information should be proof positive that the real terrorists are those charged with overseeing public safety.
    From top to bottom, government is a failure in everything except the violation of public trust. Government is a place where unchecked corruption has become mainstream gangster-ism, and most people don’t care.
    “National Security” and it’s apparatus industries are not to protect the people, but to protect it’s own criminal enterprise.
    It’s as if people are just waiting to die.

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