Chemtrails/Morgellons : Red Wine Test

MrMaxBliss asked:

Hello my friends, in preparation for the upcoming London Chemtrails Awareness Conference I have been researching some of the Carnicom Institute findings on Morgellons a condition linked to chemtrails. The test involves swilling and holding some red wine in your mouth for approx 30 secs or until you feel the tingling sensation in your mouth. Spit out the wine into a white bowl for examination.... Please be brave enough to try this for yourselves and you will be amazed.... Tiny hair like fibres in large quantities appear.. I have left them in the dish, whilst writing this and I will post the picture... They have settled in a pattern! Take care my friends, remember there is only one way we will stop this, by educating ourselves, sharing the information and by coming together to unite the 99%.....PEACE 4 ALL Due to the high number of TROLLS/AGENTS...comment approval from now on....please look at the channels of the trolls to realize their sole activity is for corruption USEFUL LINKS CLIMATE CHANGE PROPAGADA, THAT IS ACTUALLY CHEMTRAIL INDUCED ILLNESS ...


  1. clear88888

    yes sometimes, you not…? what is your problem…people do a lot for money…i can see both sides, and sorry i was shocked to see it too…fear maybe, hate because if it could be reality,…people do everything for money…so i wrote it in the moment after i test it…if this particles are just norman cells from the body o.k. no problem…but if not? than just go back to normal reality and accept it…like your picture…in the background Sean,whatever.i know that iam not so stupid as you tink

  2. Cloudy011

    So WHAT?? I heard that back in the 70’s, 80’s 90’s 00’s and look where we are now???.. You are the one not aware of anything but the average crap of insults.. good luck in the short future ahead!

  3. kurtisurban

    wow buddy. I happen to share the same beliefs as dangliebitz. does that makje me a “globalist troll” too?

    Your comments makes you sound like McCarthy on a witchhunt for those who don’t believe in chemtrails.

  4. Seán O'Nilbud

    You’re a complete moron, not human by any reasonable definition. You fucking gullible uneducated ignorant asswipe.

  5. bobchorba1

    Something tells me the good LORD would think you ignorant for thinking scientists “invented” anything given to you only by the good grace of the LORD.

  6. bobchorba1

    Ah yes “The Cloud Atlas” a Predictive Programming publication, I remember it well. You Sir are indeed an ……….

  7. David Naus

    It can be groups of white blod cells wich normaly occuring in ur saliva. Cheers

  8. Whyrweherereally

    whats with all these ‘facepalm’ trending internet mannerisms suddenly? so dumb

    Anyway theyre also finding large amounts of barium in the water directly after it rains, at very high levels, kind of a coincidence.. your little freeway example has nothing to do with whats being discussed here..

  9. Ericdawg420

    Doesbit have to be red wine? Just curious if the acid because i have lemon juice i could try. Answers please

  10. Cloudy011

    As soon as I heard about this I bought some wine. I am infected. Now if this is in my body how much more GEOmatrix–do I have in me? humm? So if I have this, am I still all human? This is my question to myself, dont expect an answer for anything! thanks for getting this out,, but now what? (chem fighter since 97–yeah its been going on that long and longer, no one cared and called me nuts and made my life hell,,i gave up in 2006*

  11. ProfessorRockhill

    Not true, most don’t know or believe in the “REAL” truth and must be educated as well. In the end there will be many “ex” military and police to join… You’ll see. The house of cards will come crashing down soon enough.

  12. zodizadfrac

    When u got some wine with bits in it put a little bit in a bowl and microwave it for about 20 secs the strands started to look like little tiny balls..metallic looking

  13. clear88888

    i made a check…and right i see it too…i cleaned my mouth so good as possible…than a mouth full wine for 20seconds…and got the same…!!! We have to do something…this is a really hard thing…people spray something against the climate change…and the resolut is cancer, parkinson, and more…Maybe they just say we have to do something against climatechange…and use it a codex elementarius to kill people…this people be directly  been killed…there are murders…of the free

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