Chemtrails The facts

emetaheret asked:

The chemtrail conspiracy holds that some contrails are actually chemicals or biological agents deliberately sprayed at high altitudes for a purpose undisclosed to the general public. In this presentation we will try to give 4 possible explanations for this phenomena. some of the videos that are used in this clip are from the following YouTube channels: British Chemtrails Documentary: chemtrail chaff (v2): Chemtrails-NWO-Illuminati: Chemtrails weatherman: CONTRAIL vs CHEMTRAIL 101: NASA Appleman Chart - PROOF of Chemtrails: History Channel_ The Truth About Chemtrails And HAARP Technology:


  1. Ganseblumchen12

    Good things are happening guys!
    This is at least a start.
    U.N. urged to freeze climate geo-engineering projects­­/us-geoengineering-idUSTRE69K­1­8320101021

  2. Kerry Emerson

    Regarding the spraying in the 50s, you’re correct that this did happen, however it does not automatically validate claims of ChemTrails nowadays. Chemtrails would require ‘cover-up’ but hundreds of thousands of intelligent engineers, mechanics, contractors and suppliers. In this day and age I cannot see this happening.
    If you want to know what’s killing us and making us all perpetually sick, look no further than your dinner plate.

  3. Kerry Emerson

    Anyone, and I mean ANYONE can make a documentary and fill it with all manner of claims… that doesn’t mean it’s valid, true, or proven.

  4. ziable

    Watch this video, may put more things into perspective if you wouldn’t think the government would do such a thing. /watch?feature=player_embedded&v=5KRSDwcYtNg

  5. pabloMTv

    1:07 skulls in the fucking smoke/gas whatever the fuck this is; propaganda, cya

  6. Fulkini

    To make people dependent on the large corporations selling food, these corporations gotta make sure theirs is the only way to get food. Make sure there’s no way to grow something organic (i.e. not enough rainfall, not enough sun, toxic levels of aluminum) and food production will be unable except for genetically modified seeds which the corporations make. This way food production can be completely controlled by them. Geo-engineering makes these climate changes possible. Global warming my ass.

  7. Timsofy

    As a response to the footage displayed to disprove the first scenario:
    If the dissappating contrail is higher than the persistent one, humidity can simply be lower at the higher altitude allowing the contrail to evaporate through the process of sublimation. The atmosphere is a complex system; relative humidity can be near 100% in one location and below 60% in another one.

  8. fortunati2

    some many people are blind that think there is nothing being sprayed. its obvious that lines dont turn into clouds

  9. penguin1899

    Why do these conspiracists not think for a second: why would any person deliberately spray the atmosphere when they will have to breathe it in and feel the climatic consequences along with the rest of us. (Not to mention all the BS “evidence” for such spraying).

  10. Slim Phatty

    Buy a jet. Fly it. Look behind you. You will see vapour trails. You always have been able to. And you always will be able to. The whole chemtrail thing is laughable. hahahaha.

  11. Franco Soto

    It’s a fact that in some parts of the world the sky is becoming a bit color less and you can also notice a small white line in the horizon.

  12. Chaplain Bob Walker B. Th.

    There must be hundreds of tanker trucks going to the air force bases with these chemicals to be loaded onto planes for spraying

    where do these chemical tankers get this stuff from?

    where is the factory?

  13. Aaron Williams

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