Chemtrails Killed the Honey Bees – Secret NATO and UN operation CAUGHT IN ACTION!

fyrstikken asked:

Add me on & follow me on READ ME - READ ME - READ ME Chemtrails Killed the Honeybees - the reason for spraying the sky with Barium and other toxic chemicals was too destroy the honeybees who pollinate the fruit-flowers so that fruit and vegetables can grow. Without honeybees, no fruit, no vegetable, no food - and people will die. The Chemtrails or chemical trails from the sprayer planes is part of the elites plan of depopulating the world. When people are hungry, they will riot, when they riot they will be arrested, when they are arrested, they will be questioned, and put into three different groups - one they will kill immediately, one they will torture and question further, and a small group which they will chip and send back into the New World OrderCall no man upon this place good - there is nobody here that is good, the author of this video is not good, you are not good, your mama is not good, your brothers and sisters are not good - if you where good, you would not be here, you would be home safe. The Earth is not your home - it is a maximum security prison reform school with no bars - and you and me are here to learn to be something we currently are not, we are here to learn to be good! Religion has nothing to do with truth - avoid religion, become individual - choose to listen to the good voice inside you and reject the evil voice inside you - this is something you can do - make it a sport for yourself to accomplish what you taught was ...


  1. IamRay71

    “saying, who is like the beast (obama), who can make war with him?”
    Remeber what the “lizard king” said (under posession) “we want the world and we want it NOW.” Now look at the geico commercials, the talking lizards, they come from hell, they’ve been making their way up for quite some time now, you better get ready to fight. Evil is upon you, in a big way. Quit drinking alcohol, all together, all recreational drug use, the doctrine of demons, shit can witchcraft and the music, time running out.

  2. Nebiyou Elias


  3. auntykeli

    To the naysayers…

    …chemicals/substances ARE BEING SPRAYED into our atmosphere VIA THE CONTRAILS OF A JET! Read this patent! CHEMTRAILS…HELLO!

    PATENT 3899144: powder “contrail” generation DATED: 1975
    ASSIGNEE: United States Military, The Secretary of the Navy, Washington, DC

    PATENT CLAIMS: “…Other type powder compositions can also be used with the apparatus described herein…producing a POWDER CONTRAIL having maximum radiation scattering ability for a given weight material, …”

  4. Lifesharer

    I give this person a flat F for failure to do honest scholarship and valid intellectual assessment of the texts he claims are in agreement. Shame on him …he is what gives honest seekers BAD information.

  5. Lifesharer

    This guy is of NO credibility! The gospel of Thomas is a gnostic pseudagripha written in the latter part of the 2nd century The Book of Enoch is also a known Pseudagripha and KNOWN to not be the very Book of Enoch mentioned in the Bible, its a collection of jewish fairy tales and myths and has no credibility as a inspired book. The Qu’ran has absolutly NO commonality with the Judeo Christian bible and NO Scholar would agree it belongs in that catagory ( except a muslim one)

  6. MustaffaCuppa

    Chemtrails cause mould & mildew to form on our plants, crops & trees, & the poisons are already killing our bees & wildlife.

    Chemtrails (geo-engineering) is just one way the ILLUMINATI (whose aim is to cause famine & our eventual extermination) are destroying our planet! They spray our skies repeatedly both day & night using MANY military planes, & their continuous jet fuel emissions alone (carbon monoxide, particulates, Nitrogen Oxides, carcinogens etc.) are greatly harming our atmosphere!

  7. MustaffaCuppa

    Chemtrails (of BANNED chemicals) block our sun from view & make it dark & cold. We don’t benefit from the sun any more! Spraying at night prevents ground frosts many crops NEED. Adding silver dioxide causes the rain, bringing the poisons into our water & ground & we’ve had a big increase in asthma, nosebleeds, memory loss, allergies, eye & skin irritations, rasping throat, & pneumonia! Long-term total lack of sunshine in the USA has even caused Rickets (a bone disease) to reappear in children!

  8. GeorgeBonez

    You goofy libs will spout anything to induce hatred of America!!! YOU are the real Chemtrails and most of you dont even know it but some of you do!

  9. rydubz7

    You die . Dont tell me to be afraid . We are about to spiritualy transform along with our earth . They know this . Listen to Dolores Cannon about whats really going on . Some of us will go to the new heaven and earth as the bible says , and others who are stuck in negativety will not asscend . They know this and and want as many to stay behind as possible so they can keep their little system . So they spread fear .Fear ,death , identity,opinions.Their all illusion . Only love is real . Good luck

  10. laughinghardest

    well if you got off your ass the china can pollinate your crops with a do not need the bee,,but we are use to the busy bee doing are anybody that has grown with high powered lights knows we can keep one plant and use it to pollinate the whole room,,high powered fans and a closed enviroment.mimic wind testers ozone up ozone down..for our poison water..filters..for intake…co2 cans.iv only grown rooms of dope but im sure other plants are easy too.ftw

  11. YoAnnin Yah

    And that is why the internet is allowed to be… to keep us all busy complaining and doing nothing to stop THEM!

  12. GENIUS99999992345678

    Get you sniper rifles and suicide rifles and eliminate the banking scum.

  13. SuperTomcatUk

    Slowly but surely they are pissing us off…….. time to take care of the %10

  14. pidner

    A while after the reports of missing honey bees,a friend and I were camping on a local river,and on the way back in we stopped and went ashore to look at some plants,as we started over to the tree line we noticed thousands of honey bees on the sandbar as well as the wet part of the bank,they were just fapping their wings.We kinda joked about it,saying,if the people want to know where the bees are we just found em.I dont know if they were drinking or trying to clean themselves,but it was strange.

  15. DestinyGuava

    Yes, The end times will soon come. I don’t really care to tell the truth. I only wish to bring as many people to give their heart to God as I can. Please don’t wait until its too late guys… God loves you! He wants you to make the choice. The time to rejoice in the grace of God is now. Otherwise you will be getting Gods wrath instead.

  16. bRad Nichols

    Ha Ha Ha, the joke will be on the New Agers Illuminati bankers and builderburg LOSERS ! ! !
    When the pestilences and diseases kill ALL of them. The “joke” is when all these schemers wind up in HELL, yes Hell ! ! !

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