Canadian MK-ULTRA Documents – Montreal 1960’s – ET Barker

ZionistInfidel asked:

Documents not seen by the public until now, released a few months ago. MK-ULTRA trials and experiments that went on in the 1960's in Montreal Canada by physician ET Barker. He still practices in Midland, Ontario. His website is Bring this criminal into the spotlight.


  1. ZionistInfidel

    Wow, very interesting. Thanks for the intel, I will have to look into it. My source for these documents and some other stuff the public has not seen yet has gone silent, and/or missing. As far as LSD, as long as its used responsibly it’s a fairly safe drug that can be used MODERATELY with good effects. It does have side effects though.

    Don’t get me start (i’m NOT a pot smoker) on the war against drugs and how we spend billions outlawing a naturally grown PLANT.

  2. mcnowski

    just thought I would add, I think LSD is amazing, I don’t think it should be used against someones will for malicious purpose like brainwashing, but LSD in and of itself is absolutely AMAZING. I think anybody with enough intelligence should do some research and then take it themselves. It shows you what is possible, and I feel makes you smarter. For real.

  3. mcnowski

    Heres some more fuel for you. Penetanguishene mental ward (4 km from Midland) was experimenting with LSD in the early 70s. Locking naked inmates together in rooms seeing what would happen. Mind you LSD was illegal by then! Wondering if mr. Barker was connected? hmmmmmm Last I was there (Midland) heard these claims were being brought to court.

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