Arizona Illegal Immigration Law & Easy To See The New World Order Agenda

Travinyle1 asked:

Just the truth. Look both parties run by the same banks left the borders open, it wasnt an accident so dont be surprised the high levels on both sides oppose this law. It puts a wrench in their plan All you h ave to do is watch the propganda where violent illegals are praised as freedom fighters. But people who dont want global government peacefully protesting are violent racists, who want to blow up buildings Karl Rove Bush advisor and pusher of the fake WMD's in Iraw war opposes bill like most high level Repubs and Dems Arizona Immigration Law Splits Republicans

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  1. woodchucko

    @ibnabdulhussein So I guess that means Spain should be controlled by the Arabs. And Spain should control Mexico. Because that’s the way it used to be. And I guess we can with our huge population inundated with our own and third world immigrants who expect welfare eradicate poverty. Yeah right!

  2. NeloAngelo502

    At this point it seems that if there is a nwo….. that if they want something to happen then that will happen.

  3. wethepeople1011

    We need to restore the constitution – too many of our rights have been surreptitiously taken from us over the past 150 years. HOWEVER, to assert that illegal immigrants have more rights than  you amounts to nothing more than ignorant, nationalist conjecture.

  4. idontknow5858

    This is why Jan Brewer needs to be president. The only reason she gets a bad rep is because she gets shit done.

  5. cowboysfan782008

    Travinyle1: Very good points. We are currently living in a politically correct “La La Land”, that is taking precedence over what is right and just, and I don’t know where the govt. thinks the money is going to come from to pay for all of these people, but it is out of control. As a kid in the 70’s, and teen/young adult in the 80’s, we were brought up knowing we had opportunity, but that it had to be earned. Now the Country is as broke as ever, but yet we continue to roll out the carpet.

  6. Decolinize

    ur a nationalist liar. No one has more rights than you, you fool.quite parroting what alex jones says. every one screwed and immigrant are fucked with more than you.

    Slavery at one poin was the law native american genocide was also legal, womyn not voting was also leagal. get ur head out of us ass and dont blame others for ur miserry

  7. ibnabdulhussein

    @theamazingone1111111 if in your ignorant country they teach you a little history you’ll know Mexico had all the southern states of the US like Florida, California, ARIZONA, Texas, etc… Mexico used to be way bigger than the US, asshole. Your country is also a third world country except for “bubbles” of ignorance like Beverly Hills and that shit. A real first world country is one which eradicates poverty like Norway or Switzerland.

  8. ibnabdulhussein

    @Travinyle1 you are the true meaning of an asshole. I can’t believe what you are saying, you are obviously (judging by the the background) a pathetic loser that haven’t accomplish anything in your life; and now you are full of fury. What you have to realize is that unfortunately US is an example for many countries (like Mexico) and your consumer life-style and stupid philosophies are taking this world to its end.

  9. 777Godisgood777

    Article 6, Section 2, Federal law rules over all states, city, etc… But God rules over the entire Universe!

  10. 777Godisgood777

    @omegaking1 All white ppl aren’t evil, just like all non-white ppl are righteous. We must ALL show EVERYONE the love of the Lord God Jesus Christ & quit judging and comparing races. God loves us all the same. We all fall short of the glory of God. Lets work on making it to Heaven!!!!!!!

  11. Jennavieveful

    Suspicion. Curious word? What sparks an officers suspicion that someone is illegal? There isn’t a rule book that cops get in the academy that tells them “this is what an illegal looks like.” This is all gonna be left up to the officers upbrining, beliefs and learned stereotypes. These are just the issues were facing and this is why I’m against SB1070.

  12. bimbobeeable

    deport, dont support illegal immigrants call ICE

    support our vigilante heroes and visit minutemanhq.
    com/ to find out how you can help.

    boycott all business and
    establishments who support illegal immigrants

  13. djmmcee

    WTF? It’s called… ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT… what do you not understand? Let’s be CLEAR… if you are not illegal, you have nothing to worry about. Arizona is doing what the American government will not do. duh. Will Mexico allow a U.S. citizen to move there freely? Not that one would want to. Fluck Barry for allowing that trash Mexican leader to come on American soil and talk shit about America.

  14. omegaking1

    @theamazingone1111111 see thats why god gotta com back and kill white people cuz yall have no soul you didnt create shit america was built on the backs of negro mexican and indian slaves only thing you created was captialism but its ok what goes around comes around rev 13:10 he who leadeth into captivity must go into captivity he who killed with the sword must be killed with the swordK.J.V only

  15. theamazingone1111111

    LMAO shut your mouth dumb beaner its a reason mexico is a third world shit because of its people living there and now those people that couldnt create a great society want to come to the U.S and make it a third world. BEANER STAY WERE YOU ARE.

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