Anti NWO hip hop and rap featuring Professor Griff talking about illuminati

SMode7 asked:

Truth will set you free album will be release in 2012 get your copy :)


  1. SMode7

    @ThatDemonLife I got you my new stuff gonna sound way better getting hook up on a studio mic :)

  2. ThatDemonLife

    Eh man, not bad but you gotta emphasize your words more.You too mono-tone, sorry. Contructive critiiscm bro. You gotta spit it like Chuck D man, with some passion!

    Maybe this guy giving up on thecause would change his mind.

    Oh well. Peaceee


    Keep tryin, but the world is just gonna get worse coz ppl ain’t listenin. When they do it’ll be too late. Best thing you can do is prepare yourself. You gonna have to fight them too coz they still asleep in the machine of the Matrix. I done even stopped arguin with ppl anymore. Nowadays I just tell em ‘I know what I know & you know what you know’.

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