narukofan2 asked:

AS PROMISED. HERE IS WHAT I WROTE TO ILLUMINATI MEMBER WHO GOES BY THE YOUTUBE NAME EyeofHorus33 You say that there is no God then why do you worship Lucifer AKA Satan. Don't you know that Lucifer was an angel of God before Lucifer chose to rebel against God and fall. As you're logic claims that there is no God then there is no Lucifer AKA Satan. But I know God exists and His Son Jesus exists. Also I know that Lucifer AKA Satan exists and you, the Illuminati and you're master Lucifer AKA Satan will be destroyed in the Lake Of Fire in Hell. I see the truth that you are a evil control freak who claims to be a god when you are nothing but a mortal human being like the rest of humanity. You don't own me or my soul so stop trying to claim that you do. Threaten me all you will. I will never stop speaking my mind and warning others. I don't bow down to scumbag tyrants like you, the Illuminati or to you're clown shoe wearing master Lucifer AKA Satan. Come and get me now. Why wait till 2012. I dare you to try unless you are afraid to even try it. Come right now I dare you. I'll be waiting for you clown shoes. I don't fear you, the Illuminati or you're master Lucifer AKA Satan. I DID NOT MAKE THIS VIDEO PRIVATE TO PROVE THAT I'M NO COWARD UNLIKE YOU WHO HIDES IN THE SHADOWS. SHOW ME YOU'RE REAL FACE LIKE I HAVE SHOWN MINE. I'M NOT AFRAID TO SHOW MY FACE.


  1. v3rit3

    God’s Kingdom is a heavenly government with Jesus Christ as King. He will soon destroy human governments, and the earth will become a paradise. – Psalms 103:19; Daniel 2:44; Jeremiah 10:11. God’s purpose to make the earth a paradise will be fulfilled. — Genesis 2:8 – 9; Isaiah 46:11 In the coming new world, God will bestow many blessings on mankind. – Psalms 37:29, 72:16; Revelation 21:4; Isaiah 33:24, 35:5 – 6.

  2. narukofan2

    Well folks it seems that Illuminati member EyeofHorus33 is too much of a coward to do a video response to my videos that call the Illuminati out.

    I guess the Illuminati and Illuminati member EyeofHorus33 are cowards.

  3. narukofan2

    @skata11 thank you very much. Lets all stand up against these tyrants together.

    Let’s all show them that we are not afraid of them.

  4. narukofan2

    Only those who want a evil Satanic New World Order, members of the Illuminati and EyeofHorus33 would dislike this video.

    All tyrants will be punished for their evil crimes against the innocent.

  5. hotgyal

    I will forever, worship god….. and they will all die. The devil is a liar and is jealous of the love god has for us and will do anything to take that away….. Don’t be weak minded to the lies illuminati talks about. They know they will loose against god that is why they have to use secret symbols and crap.

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