9/11 Awakening Demo at the BBC Manchester, England (WeAreChange)

wacmanchester asked:

10th September 2011 saw members of WeAreChange gather outside the BBC in Manchester, England for a special '9/11 Awakening Demo' to mark the 10th anniversary of this horrific attack on New York and the subsequent deaths of over 3000 innocent people. Hundreds of leaflets were given out to a generally receptive public. Our signs and megaphone also helped to get out the vital message that 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB!! www.WeAreChangeManchester.com http


  1. ClaireSapphyck

    @KnowingDasEin My sentiments exactly! After much consideration I think it is a mixture of fear, wilful denial, conformity, cowardice and jealousy towards those whom they realise are more willing to face the terrible truth. But just my opinion!

  2. KnowingDasEin

    @NeedleFactoryTube The real question is, why do so few people see something so bloody obvious?

  3. NeedleFactoryTube

    l dont agree that the US government planned the whole thing but there are clearly questions arising. The most important one being ‘why do so many people believe 911 was an inside job’ 

  4. flyzerogravy


    4 twoofers protesting

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA the twoof movement is DEAD hahahahahaha

  5. wolf2jon

    more power to your elbow, brother, at least we wont have to tell our children, “yeah, we saw what was happening but yet did nothing” ;-j

  6. RoyalistNationalist

    Good to see things like this in Britain for a change. One day maybe there will be crowds of thousands protesting against our government/s and its banking masters.

  7. TheLastCelticBard

    @Marronisince1990 I enjoyed watching your own viddie of the event aswell mate. Top bloke. Well done everyone. BBC – British Brainwashing Corporation. 911 – Inside Job – 7/7 Inside Job. FACT!

  8. WW3Revolution

    9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB!!!

  9. katiemilker

    There is simply to much evidence now that has been collected for anyone to doubt 911 was an inside job, WTC 7 not being hit and it’s free-fall Collapse, NORAD being called to a military exercise half way across America and no fighter jets in New York, detonations that have been videotaped showing explosions happening underneath the falling material, nano thermite deposits being found at the scene of the crime and George Bushes many many slip ups.

    7/7 was also an inside job, many facts there to.

  10. Marronisince1990

    Awesome! I’m the goofy guy with that love sign lol… I believe it’s ALL coming out, the truth is unstoppable. Remember to smile yall :) that’s all I got, that’s all any of us have got. Cool video too by the way!… Much respect for being awake and sharing it! x

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