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This video will explain 2pac's how his Connection was with the Illuminati,How his Enemies were apart of the Illuminati & how they Murdered him. PLEASE RATE,COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE! AllSeeingGuy Productions


  1. 8finious

    2pac is one the brave who stand up against the nwo, masons, templars,… whatever we call it. Respect for him. I hope lots of people wake up and connect to our inner source. Spread love, peace enjoy live like it should be. Help eachother instead of being rude to them. We Are One, One Are We.

  2. Abrgnl3347

    These people are so weak minded, it’s ridiculous, i respect artists against the illuminati such as 2pac, Dmx, Michael Jackson, Aaliyah etc.

  3. xelbaga1987

    i believe PAC was pushed in the illuminati back in the Jimmy Lovine days & got indulged in it but not deliberately & in his later years he got the big picture & got assassinated it’s like breaking out an oath that he didn’t even knew he toke. his makaveli album was a real proof

  4. XGhostTrickshotsX

    Oh Really My Grammar? Then Ok Why Would You Use Were If I Am 1 xD IDC About Grammar We’re Not In English Class…

  5. iiReliable

    I’m not 15, and sorry. I’m don’t fight with people who don’t know their own grammar. You’re calling me 15, but you can’t even use the correct “your or you’re” in a sentence. Also you capitalize ever letter. Just shut the fuck up, i gave my opinion. Respect it or don’t, either way i couldn’t care less.

  6. XGhostTrickshotsX

    Ok I Know 2Pac Dissed Dr Dre And His Beef With Him I Am One Of The Most 2Pac Fans I Heared The Album I Know But I Thought It Was 2Pac Sayin Anything Or Want To Rhyme His Songs Lol.

  7. hopsintupac

    listen to 2pac watch ya mouth it is a unreleased dre and nas diss record.. they realeased it last year… also their is an interview when he is dissing dre before his death… Dre doesnt want people to knw they had a beef because he will lost a lot of his fans then thats why he keeps it secrets and pay homage to Pac…
    When they really hates each other…
    The thing dre does is really a bitch move.. but I can’t say it isn’t smart… cuz only Pac’s most loyal fans know about this “beef”…

  8. MrSuprisebitch

    He was killin Illuminati, he sad that he didn’t believe that shit,he sad it was a way of keeping ur self-esteem low he wasn’t fighting it he was fighting for people who were cajoled into that, and he was killed because he had way to many enemies WAY TO MANY, and jay-z and other qock sucking artists of 21 century, make up a fog of mystery around them for there own fucking popularity, for people not to stop talking about them. i mean who would in god’s sake name there child BLUE IVY?

  9. hopsintupac

    2pac hated dre… you probably haven’t heard pac’s latest album he did before his death .. punk.. he dissed him several times!

  10. dukemaster23

    @iiReliable iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 at all there is way more prove of the co.spiracy shit than i raq doing it. maybe you mean afganistan though? thats way more logical. but if you truely believe it was iraq you sir are an idiot.

  11. PrezObama08

    I have heard several other celebs (Treach, Naughty by Nature, Eminem and Suge) say or imply that he is in Cuba as well. His mother said “he chose to leave quietly” What does the Pyrimid symbol mean? Is the illuminati the same as the feds?

  12. iiReliable

    You guys are fucking retarded, 9/11 was caused because of Iraq, don’t believe this bull shit “conspiracy” shit. Its not true, you have no proof. Half of you were dead before the Illuminati was even “invented” so don’t even sit here and act like you know what you’re talking about.

  13. Jurm39

    So Nas is definitely in the Illuminati? As is Havoc, still? But Prodigy realised the truth? I never knew Mobb Deep were ever in the Illuminati.

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