2/3 Secrets of the Occult/Illuminati

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www.HollywoodInsiders.net Hollywood Insiders Illuminati Esotera exposes one of the Illuminati's most closely guarded secrets, body transformation. It also examines Steve Jackson's cardgame Illuminati: The Game of Conspiracy, along with George Lucas and his "Jedi." Finally, it reveals the...


  1. PastorMcPherson

    Hmmm…this sounds more like the Muslim view of the 4th dimension rather than a Biblical one. However, it still falls short of the Muslim view as well.

  2. kandiamo

    @InternationalRevival You are right to defend honor. But cursing on behalf of God is crossing the line, as you well know.

  3. InternationalRevival

    @kandiamo You are right it is for Allah (GOD) ALL MIGHTY TO CURSE ON WHOM HE PLEASES. Although it is my moral duty to defend God and the honor of his Prophets from atheists like Airportis who do not even study the scriptures let alone make a mockery of it. Peace.

  4. kandiamo

    @Airportris Are you telling a Muslim what he believes? Who but God knows what’s in a man’s heart? If you want someone to know Christ, ASK him what he believes, don’t tell him what you heard he believes.

  5. kandiamo

    @InternationalRevival This is a harsh judgment, this curse you make against ignorance. It is for Gd alone to decide who is punished and for what.

  6. kandiamo

    @TheMessanjah Muslims don’t claim Jinn are neutral, but evil as demons. Where does it say in the Bible that demons can be summoned? There are stories of possession but I don’t remember any references to summoning them. Where is the biblical reference that angels cannot be summoned?

    I happen to agree summonings are all demonic, but technically, there’s no proof summonings don’t include angels. All we know is occult practices are forbidden to us. Other people feel otherwise and practice it

  7. kandiamo

    @KPKonliner (cont.) All we really know about Solomon is that he started out good and ended up doing exactly what God warned him not to do … taking foreign wives and setting up altars to their gods for them. It’s guessed from that info, that he also worshipped their gods, trained the demons these religions brought and used them like a magus. There’s no proof for that, but it’s not unlikely. Occult texts showed up later – attributed to Solomon – describing magical work w/ demons, but who knows

  8. kandiamo

    @KPKonliner If Salomo is the same person as Biblical Solomon, then this question is debatable. In our texts he is son of David, and blessed by God’s prophesy to have peaceful borders for his entire reign – provided he DID NOT take foreign wives that would lead his heart away from YHWH. A king with no border conflicts has a lot of time on his hands … and he filled them with reading and women, leading to wisdom beyond what God had intended for a leader of Israel. Our texts don’t say precisely-

  9. Thaxarion

    Hi there,
    What book (I presume it was a book, if not please forgive me) was that picture taken from at 6:15.
    Thank you for your time.

  10. TheMessanjah

    is the maker of these vids somekinda muslim?? the elemental etc. teaching must be referring to a neutral sprit = Jinn, the UNholy quaran claims that Satan is also a jinn, and that is a false teaching, satan is a fallen angel (cherub). angels canNot be conjured to do anything, only thing which human’s can summon are demons, havent you read from the bible that even satan himself can appear as an angel of light (angel instead of demon) to deceive people even more ! /facepalm.

  11. liveecarbme

    Read any of the books by Joseph Campbell-a lot of this material is covered in Campbell’s books.

  12. rr93455

    1999 “George Bush’s presidential campaign website” was hosted by Steve Jackson as well, WOW…..WOW…..Wow. A few other anomalies with the Bush’s come to mind 1) Bush reading “My Pet Goat’ Upside Down in a Florida classroom (red flag) 2) Bush having John Gosch hired as a fake reporter to ask soft questions in the White House Press Room, that reporter, Gosch, it later turns out may have possibly been a gay male escort and previously abducted/t

  13. Airportris

    @InternationalRevival so you know the meaning of life? please share? because people have been trying to figure it out since the dawn of man. lol you wont respond because you know what you believe is a sham, you know your only describing your self when you say im depressed and sad lol,

  14. Airportris

    @InternationalRevival our god or his words means nothing to me, if he was a tru”god” he would respect my beliefs, but again just another religion full of garbage.
    lol im not angry, your the one getting your god to curse me and getting disastrous things to happen to me, so i suffer from a mental disorder? you believe in that your getting virgins when you die for alah, and im crazy? lol right

  15. InternationalRevival

    @Airportris Or possibly you might even be possessed. Yeah Islam is messed up then why is it the fastest growing and now largest religion in the world. I got poor individuals out there who want to know about my beautiful faith and the true meaning of life. So wallow in around your misery, deep depression and your sense of sadness. Dont write back I wont be responding good riddance coward!

  16. InternationalRevival

    @Airportris May God curse you. Believe me I mean it I hope a severe calamity like the one in your heart befalls you. Its been quite a while since I dealt with an ignoramus as yourself. You insult my Beloved Prophet you will pay not now but inshallah (god willing) I hope something disastrous overtakes you. You are so pathetic your angry at the world and to ignorant to follow the truth to make it better or most likely lazy. You must be suffering from some sort of mental disorder.

  17. Airportris

    thats why there was a big scandal in afghanistan where soldiers of afghanistan were having little boys and men snuck into there rooms and barracks, that was hidden from the media. so dont tell me its against the so called law, cause all laws get broken

  18. Airportris

    the goddess of Mesopotamia , and the crescent moon stands for the black moon of death which occurs thirteen times in a solar year. so dont tell me your religion has nothing to do with the worship of sky. and islam or you have no reason or right to tell anyone how to live, what are you a facist?

  19. Airportris

    @InternationalRevival just because its the law doesnt mean people dont break it, i know muslims and they drink and have sex before marriage. so all muslims are perfect? lol your views and simple and naive… you just assume islam is the correct path, if it was you wouldnt be here defending it, you wouldnt be arguing with me. and yes im familiar with the occult, but its not like i embrace it like you. and no islam has everything to do with astro-theology. the star stands for ishtar,

  20. Airportris

    @InternationalRevival sorry was it 9? does that make it any better? and i garuntee you that the sick pedophile had been sleeping with her and performing rituals since she was a child, thats how the occult works, and islam was started by the vatican and they are the biggest of the satanic death cults. and i dont care for war, i dont support it. your the only ignorant one here by assuming im a nazi

  21. Airportris

    @InternationalRevival its not up to you to lash your child or to decide whether or not she has sex before marriage. marriage it self is a satanic ritual in all religions, its disgusting people so blindly follow it. lol you act like everyone in the west has std, lol and 90 percent of stds are curable, and the deadliest one, AIDS was created by the government to kill africans or people of color. everyone has a right to make there own decisions without having religion telling them what to do

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