2012: Truth, not Just Prophecy by Nithyananda

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(2012 - Get prepared for the conscious cosmic transition - details at www.nithyananda.org [Get Mail alerts of our new videos SUBSCRIBE (Click on Subscribe link above video)] In this ground breaking discourse, Paramahamsa Nithyananda elaborates on 2012. This is the truth, not just a prophecy, coming straight from the enlightened consciousness of a living avatar (incarnation). There have been many predictions about 2012 by various people including NASA scientists, philosophers, psychologists, astronomers, astrologers, mystics and gurus. Here comes the truth, not just a prediction or a prophecy from the avatar who is opening up on this topic 2012.


  1. cykcykcykcykbum

    @cherneese In 38:40 he says: “I’m just stating the simple fact, knowing well I am going to be available in this body, alive in 2012 and 2015 and all, and this video record will be used by people to ….. (what?)”

    (I almost finished translating this video to Polish so all and any help is very appreciated!)

  2. maitreyalux

    We are not coming to the end of the world ,but rather entering a new age as the old age is destroyed . The real cataclysm is the destruction of much of the old ideas of national pride ,greed, and all that has been preventing humanity from realizing its own inner oneness and spiritual unity and brotherhood. The rest is all glamour and sensationalism,;-or the unwholesome use of the creative imagination

  3. sinoples

    My Fate!, how can be so beautifully atractive beings still living here?
    I wishfully I shall give two quarts of my life to have Him as a Friend…..

  4. npodgorje

    thank u Nithyananda, i understand much more now…. i will try, meditate and continue to spread the word. i am no budist or hindu, but i can fell it, and i admit there is fear in my heart…. i wish i had more knowledge. thank u for sharing yours.

  5. gatokevin1

    hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare
    hare rama hare rama rama rama rama hare hare

  6. Darkyodajedi

    Glad I found this today, going to check out more of his videos and see what I can learn and whats true…

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