World Unites Against the Illuminati: Professor Griff on Fire!

TheAlexJonesChannel asked: presents our groundbreaking interview with rap artist Professor Griff of Public Enemy. Professor Griff lists Obama's lies, describes why hip hop...


  1. Hannah Casey

    You can’t prove their not real either. Why the actual fuck would they OPENLY identify themselves? Evil doesn’t just go prancing through the streets announcing itself. It disguises itself in hopes no one cares enough to use some common sense and wise up to the fact that shit isn’t right. They depend and thrive on Americans that don’t care enough to do anything.

  2. WisdomSquare

    For anyone that is interested, I’ve put together a growing article titled: “Top 10 Things You Shouldn’t Know About The Illuminati.” I would love to get feedback from this community, as I’m constantly adding onto it as I learn more. You can check it out here: wisdom-square(dot)com/top-10-things-you-shouldnt-know-about-the-illuminati.html

  3. Brian Montgomery

    Society is filled with people who label truth as crazy. They’ve been feed bullshit for so long that they like it. People are distracted by stupid shit that takes their minds off of real world issues. I don’t even talk to some people, because their mind is filled with shit. PS4, Xbox and Nintendo can’t teach you fuckers anything. Educate yourself about shit that matters, fuck a movie or game system. Average person don’t know shit about whats happening to this country. Shit been real!

  4. HicksZ34

    Also, the Illuminati as it’s commonly described as the old Order by Adam Weishaupt is in these days and times more well known as a collection of 13 families that are some of the most powerful bloodlines influencing the world economy and poli/social culture. That would be the contemporary Illuminati

  5. HicksZ34

    And, why would an “occult” (re: secret) society want to create a logo for themselves? That goes completely against their modus operandi. MickeyD’s has a logo so when you see it off the hwy you get to thinking bout a Big Mac, TPTB don’t want you thinking about them ergo no logo. Neways, Illuminati has become a catch-all phrase really, it’s not important whether or not there’s an actual group named that, the agenda that’s being pushed is very real.

  6. HicksZ34

    You can worship at the altar of man-made science and technology all you want but it won’t save you, as we’re actually moving into a short dark age that’s gonna precede the milennial reign of Christ, ur only salvation. We as a people have shown (just as He knew) that we can’t govern ourselves because we are so easily tempted into wicked ways by the Father of Lies. You can’t depend on ppl becuz we are imperfect creatures that cant be counted on

  7. rickf1961

    Fernando, what ever you want to call them…they exist and they are evil and have robbed us blind. Thank you Professor Griff for this video hopefully more people realize the game they are playing with our lives.

  8. Gjeronimoat

    Wow man. You are really blinded by your own “smarts”. I’m sorry. I hope when ish hits the fan, you can escape the trouble and find true peace.

  9. tmarci56

    American Indians good point all they will do is loan me money to go to illuminati indoctrination centers for a so called higher edjucation shits a joke I don’t want your darwinist lucifarian bullshit read about nimrod and baalim this is the original NWO

  10. TELEFOON87

    Giv me the proof for a excisting society TODAY that calls themselves ”the illuminati”! I know you cant do!
    For some weird reason, this illuminati group has no symbols/logo’s or any other reference to themselves. Therefore fake! There is no such thing as illuminati! The ONLY thing that’s real is The NEW world order. But then again, nothing ”NEW” about them either. Just some old bold crazy ass Nazi’s from Germany, now hiding in America. Well known fact! Proof it. Otherwise.. fuck off!LOL

  11. Fernando Cárdenas

    Dude this anti-Illuminati nonsense was started by the church to scare people back into religion. The world is moving away from superstition and “god and the devil” and into an enlightened age of science and technology. Religion does not belong in this age, and especially not in the day to day running of a nation. Be very careful what you are wishing for…

  12. Fernando Cárdenas

    Illuminati members were usually agnostic or atheist. That means they didn’t believe in supernatural nonsense like religion or a god or the devil. The Church is the very organisation that likes to say agnostic people worship the devil simply cause they didn’t believe in a god. Next they will be burning women at the stake for being witches… This has religious doing all over it… Governments must remain secular. and religion and theistic laws MUST stay out of politics…

  13. Fernando Cárdenas

    Do you really think this anti-Illuminati business is not a scare mongering conspiracy started by the CHURCH to scare people back into religion?? If that happens modern nations will turn back to the stone age and end up just like some hardline Islamic countries are now… With RELIGIOUS LAW in government. If that happens the people will have no one to blame but themselves. Democratic nations usually get what the peoples want… Its like the matrix. They don’t realise it, but they’re the enemy…

  14. elhombrecillodepapel

    Fernando the illuminati are not our friends, they are triying to control us all like animals, They don’t give a shet who we are or if our children are starving. We must open our eyes. Even illuminatis must open them and see that they are just tools and when “they” don’t need them anymore, they will be nothing but garbage.

  15. elhombrecillodepapel

    There are a lot of proofs, a lot of evidence, There is a group called illuminati. There are no longer conspiracy theories but conspiracy facts. Please investigate. Have a nive day.

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