Why the Illuminati killed Michael Jackson Part – 1

thoughtawakening asked:

There are many singers or pop stars who were murdered and still v dont know those murderers but v should go in deep to know the reason also. IT MAY BE THAT U DONT AGREE WITH IT but what else everybody has its own perception. BUT WATCH IT WITH BROAD MIND.


  1. ausaurwest

    What I’m saying is that it is hypocritical for Hip Hop to complain about an Illuminati, which is supposed to be evil and bent on destroying Blacks, when these same artists send out messages in their music that is destructive to Blacks. Tupac boasts about killing the Illuminati (Killuminati). But, he boasts about killing his fellow Black man as well, which is what he claims the Illuminati wants to do.

  2. Gamerspot33

    cant belive it even the president.how would it be in the future will it all be full of evil and of illuminati? i feel like if i was jesus christ and died for everyones sin i feel like wow i gave my life for nothing the whole world would turn out to be satanic i feel sad i feel pain :'(

  3. Gamerspot33

    im dissapointed so everyone is illuminati but why would they do such thing that breaks my heart badly.i feel sorry for them im even crying as im writing :'(

  4. blackestchrist

    in that prodigy song 33 years has to do with the masons 33 degrees of knowledge

  5. blackestchrist

    they have been brainwashed over many years by the slave masters, i dont think they were like that before they were enslaved and brought into america

  6. TrynaBeeFunny

    Unfortunately, our voice means nothing, even in the millions. They will only change just enough to throw that wool over the people’s eyes again which never changed anything in reality. Just changed it to where it looks different but can easily be converted back in a different manner. Even if everyone happens to see through it, it will just be a civil war. Then we will loop again.

  7. TrynaBeeFunny

    Everything can be interpreted as one thing or another, it just depends on who’s looking. You can tell people that they can see god in the sand if you pour vodka on it. Believe me, someone will claim/take pictures of said thing. Doesn’t matter what you say or what the outcome can/will be, someone will come back with evidence. Just saying, there is no right/wrong answer and everyone see’s something differently, though you make a strong argument.

  8. undertow92182

    Mind if I interject a little logic into this? You are aware that most gangster rape talks about sex, money and murder, right? And that iconic eye of providence appears on money, right? To draw such conclusions would also mean to infer that the rap industry are secretly Nazis because many rap songs say “Get dem papers” and Hitler was a paper hanger.

  9. SnotRockets55

    Actually Tupac was quoted as saying he didn’t even BELIEVE the Illuminati existed at all. “Killuminati” was his way of saying he was getting rid of the myth, trying to punch holes in it. Of course, he was wrong and they do exist, but….

  10. Michelle Smith

    I think Software Theft weirdo ass is illuminati because his bitch ass steady coming back to watch the video and comment. Who you tryna convince us or yourself?

  11. Jahimur Rahman

    Everyone Reading This Please Thumbs Up To Help Me Destroy This Illuminati
    Lets Fight For Freedom And Rid The World Of Free Masons

    Please Thumbs Up And Copy And Paste This To Other Video’s To Spread The Word
    The Illuminati Are Brainwashing You Free Yourself Before It’s To Late


    They killed him cuz if he become a muslim a lot of people will do, specially his fans
    They are evil , simply like that

  13. SoftwareTheft

    A triangle on a map is not a pyramid. It’s a triangle formed by streets that run at 45 degree angles. If Washington DC was strictly laid out in a boring grid, the tin foil hat crowd would find some ominous portents in that design as well. Try to use actual facts to support your case and not just wild speculation, and don’t start out your research with your conclusion already reached.

  14. SoftwareTheft

    So much of this is bulltripe. Everything pleasurable ‘activates dopamine in your brain’. This is utter hogwash. Saying music ‘activates nearly ever part of the brain’ and in the same card saying music is made to dumb down society is ridiculous. This video is putting the card before the horse. Music seems less intelligent today as a result of the dumbing down of society, not the other way around. Also, how about the millions that will never hear the song because they don’t listen to pop music?

  15. SoftwareTheft

    Stupid gullible people will buy anything as long as it comes in the form of a youtube video posing as an actual factually researched documentary, from which there are hundreds to choose. The fact that stupid gullible artists use the term illuminati in their lyrics, and some of those same stupid gullible artists later get shot in some altercation (especially when they are a gangster rapper), doesn’t really mean anything to me. It’s not proof of anything, in and of itself.

  16. PrettyPrincess2614

    Michael Jackson converted to islam? I thought he was christian. I looked it up and most of the results said he was. I’m so confused :(

  17. CircleJerks2009

    A 7:35 you do know thats called the eye of providence or the all seeing eye of God right? nothing to do with lucifer. need to do a little more research before posting stuff like that, thanks.

  18. Clotter Dotter

    Maybe when you realize that atheism is bullshit, you can leave the cult and start thinking for yourself. Have you seen the video of WTC 7’s collapse? There’s NO WAY that was caused by just fires (even though it’s scientifically supported)! Even a five year-old with almost no understanding of physics will tell you that! Are you really going to believe the “experts” (CIA agents)!? Even though all of the evidence points to the official strory, it was an inside job! WAKE UP!

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