What Is The Illuminati? Part 1

huntersthompson2005 asked:

What Is The Illuminati?/ Part 1


  1. PX2012

    Its the religions not the common folk that made homosexuality unnatural, and its same disgruntled players that go bad during public service and join the bloodsucker side. True keepers of wisdom know that human sacrifice began with the sacrificing of your own inner defects and petty violent desires…

  2. liederlijk

    All of you people must put out the message of the sinister plans of the “enlightend ones” at the top, but please do the research properly!

    Babylon is NOT in Egypt but in Irak, in the biblical age also known as Mesopothamia. By giving this kind of shoddy info you shoot yourself and other thruthers in the foot!!

    But, nevertheless keep up the good work:-) Hopefully we will be able to get the world to know the thuth about our fate to come down on us…

    Greetings to you all

  3. krabyne

    lol what truth ? there was no proof of nothing at all it was just another crappy made up vid about the freemason and the illus, its strange that the facts related in every conspiracy vids are never the same but speaks about the same thing, its always sligtly different, just like if the source were always wrong

  4. mosesmalon2

    Join and Support OathKeepers, Uphold The Constitution!!!
    Support the States Rights Movement!!

  5. aryanpersia

    i think its another freemason tirck.
    this one is smarter way.
    down zionists the bigest illuminates.
    elite knows how to doctorinate its idealogy in your mind,in the way that even you dont realize.

  6. smoke123455

    as soon as i saw satanic i stoped watching. cos its just gona be another christian vid sayin its the devils work

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