UFOs Over London Friday 2011

alymc01 asked:

UFOs Over London BBC Radio 1 Building Right - took over a week to get it....but finally managed to get these critters on camera on a clear day, and even get a close-up. It seems to be attracting quite a crowd now when they appear. Can anyone explain what on earth these lights are please?


  1. LordCaptainObvious

    Ṅ͇̓̀͜o͗̀͏̛̖̟̹̥͞w̢̺̱̹͕͚̣ͩ͋̐̏̿̾̏̈́͞ ̛̦̻̟̞̘̯̦ͣ̌ͤ̏ͣ̒̐̀ͅy̭͍͈̪̫̮̤̖͕ͭ̽͝o̷͇̳̻͓̳̱͕̲͋̅ͪ̚̕u̴̖͚̪̳͂̌ͭͣ ͑̋̿̒͒̊̅̅͆҉̹͕͇̳ḵ̩̹̰̹̖̆̀̄̄͡n̛̜͙̳̠̱͉͌̂͑ͩ͡ͅo̼͍ͥ͋w͊͗͑ͬ̿ͭ́̌͜͏̬̰͖̭̦̟̳ ͓̦̙̘̯̥͚̬̉̾͂͠t̡̝̰̮̟̻̮́ͬͣͭ̾̕ǫ̴̋̆͊͛̅̌҉̫͙̳͕̠̱o̴̧̧̙͙̲͕̳͗̔ ̡͚̥̱̎͐̐ͨͤ̂m̹̻̝̝͇̲͎͍͙̐̓̓̌͋̕͜u̴̱̔͞c̣ͦ̀̚hͪ̾͏̶͔̻̪̥.̣̞̯͈̦̻̺̒̾̈́̆̄

  2. soupie187

    Proven hoax.

    One of the “ufo/lights” goes into the building when shown in slow motion.


  3. u320017

    @supermustang1 dude fuck you and your country you don’t know anything about london go fuck yo family

    and plz try to go to london if u can afford a a plane ticket thats is .poor immigrant plz dont try to hide in the cabin of the plane .don’t try to seduce the pilot either .you dont even know half of english history

  4. buzzbuzzie

    I was looking up at the sky earlier this night when a rather big and bright light had caught my eye. At first I thought it was just a star but noticed it moving upward not real fast but fast enough to notice it. At one point the object stopped moving and just disappeared in a way similar to when you turn off a tv. I thought it was odd and was wondering what it could have been

  5. FuManBoobs

    Proven hoax.

    Follow the link in this video to see a full break down of why these videos are a hoax.


  6. rampagesk8a

    @mexetudo13 we couldnt kill them if we tried. our petty technology couldn’t touch them. of all the years we have been on this planet we have never been more ready for contact than now. i’m exited!

  7. shooterwall

    i was 15 at the time we 4 was taken on ufo 26/8/1979,was camping on wirral uk.americans in black canvas coats told me to lie on flat surface,small greys put instrument inleft arm showed me ww111 starts on a sunday in summer time 6 hit were i live time on liverpool clock 1147am i died i cried passed out next day in next field circle 30ft or so none of the birds would eat the wheat in circle rangers and army got us took statements to frightened to say anything at time army took us home in 2 jeeps

  8. djlexxx

    Don’t believe it? They candidly made an appearance on a news channel. Upper right corner at 1:06 – watch?v=xw8b8pBW5Sc

  9. mexetudo13

    I bet all these UFO’s, crop circles and other stuff are Aliens trying to make contact or spying on us.
    They never show themselves because they know humans are stupid and would kill them, open their bodies, and call it “studying”

  10. camdog124

    i will never understand why they dont fly a helicopter or jet to the object and fucking look at it maybe by some fucking chance it want to talk lmao

  11. camdog124

    @agamattmax Yes i also believe this…. I think he [God] created us in each galixy and it is up to us to find each other… and in till humans learn to get along those aliens or what ever you want to call them… will come here if were lucky me and you will be dead by then lmao

  12. agamattmax

    everyone who belive this video is to be real should listen to the information from Dr. Steven Greer- hes teories based on multiple witneses from goverment officials bring the little bit of trhe light of what is going on—– I belive God created us and other in this universe and if someone belive trhat we are only inteligent beings in the universe is simply stupid and an idiot and retard- :)

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