1. swdcdm

    i realize there has been a conflict between which taste better, pudding or yo-gurt? I have to say pudding is by far better for three reasons; pudding has twice the amount of sugar, it tastes better, and comes in two major flavors, chocolate and vanilla.

  2. biggee316

    FBI has nothing to do with near earth space defense, Majestic 12 does… with shall we say.. “borrowed” technology? But the footage shows actual Particle Cannon shots… crazy? yeah it does sound crazy… but reality is far crazier than you think my friends…

  3. hunjosdad1

    First, the F.B.I shoots nothing into outer space, thats not thier bag, second, what your seeing could just have been a number of things in the void of space, although intriging to look at, theres no real way of discerning whether or not this was an attempt by our Gov, or anyone elses for that matter on shooting something down. Bringing a craft down would have ramifications as to thier keeping this a secret we cant touch…

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