Tupac Exposed: Breaking the Illuminati Oath

dmthead2012 asked:

film about Tupac's Illuminati ties


  1. Mojosoodope420

    Lol I don’t have to, you’ll see soon enough. If you want to know before then, do some damn research.

  2. SlowNzZz

    “Expect me nigga, like you expect jesus to come back, expect me I’m comming”
    People need to understand that he alive as he talked about his life In many diffrent songs.

  3. wizarrrrr1

    Soon as someone lies their credibility is crushed.. Let me tell you who Pac went along with to the auditioning for Juice his boy Treach… Who did this guy say?? lol what a load of shit!!, Credibilty crushed, If you cant get simple FACTS right then why waste your time,Smh..

  4. wizarrrrr1

    Beacause we idolise these men/women and follow their trends, If they kept to themselves they couldn’t run governments and big in top positions all over the world. So by getting ppl like Gay-z, Nas who for all I know could of been real bk in the day they can brain wash us.. And this new breed of music Wayne Drake etc. are strictly to promote their homosexual agenda to make men more feminine which has been quite successful if you look out on the streets these days.. hope that helped!

  5. CEOAmbitious

    this shit real as hell its sad how people dont see shit thats right in front their eyes . !

  6. RedRyders

    -_-…alot of reading between the line there. You know what the said about reading between the line” sometimes is just what you think.”

  7. ClothesOptional


  8. NasiNasiahMoshe

    i don’t believe that Puff looks guilty stuff either, Puff isn’t the police, the police are guilty, case closed.

  9. NasiNasiahMoshe

    prove it, i mean, i know that there r free masons, the signs r every where, but illuminati existed hundreds of years ago n died hundreds of years ago. Plus, a mason is a muslim’s son i.e. he earns all his degrees (32). Then he gets a Holy Qur’an, making him a muslim’s son or muslim.

  10. fredricksify

    Because the people worship singers, movie stars, etc etc, they get the message across to their followers!

  11. truthiz

    Watch my uploads for more truth.
    It’s Murder;
    WTF’s Going On?…(we are 99%);
    Collateral Damage and more…

  12. xenrelic

    It’s funny when people mention Tupac as being from the “hood”, because that’s exactly what the Freemasons believe everyone else is under until they are brought into their “light” through initiation.

  13. IamYoNeighbor

    People still be thinking that tupac was an average thug figga. That’s what the media ha put him as to much more easily call of his death as a sign of black on black aggression and for anyone who keeps saying this everybody who has seen the whole vid knows that you haven’t. Smh. Fuck the inside men.

  14. Mojosoodope420

    No free masonry is a social men’s club anyone can join, there are lodges all over America (with Illuminati members at the highest ranks). The Illuminati is a an evil ritual practicing group who wish to have a New World Order (One government, socialism).

  15. chapinland34

    that is the point. If they keep people of color down, rappers under their influence to bring people of low income communities down, shit like that, there will be more money to be spread around them… its also the racist soul they have

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