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  1. Tin Machine

    Wow that’s a lot of hate you spewing there.

    First off Freemasonry and the Eastern Star are not secret organizations you boob!

    Freemasons & OES meet in private, not in secret.

    Your 24 second video shows nothing but your ignorance. The pentagram does not represent evil and was hijacked by Anton LaVey and the Church of Satan the 1960’s you ignoramus. The goats head was added only then.

    The OES had used the pentagram for almost a century before LaVey hijacked it.

    The G in the Square and Compasses represents God and Geometry.

    Freemason come from all walks of life and you are a scared little child and probably sitting in your mom’s basement popping pimples and failing at getting a real date.

    very sad in realty…

  2. Rev Jessie Scroggins (Gothi)

    The pentagram and its philisophical meanings come from the old pagan philosopher Pythagoras(Greek.) It was used by his mystery school and freelance greek witches. The pentagram is also used in eastern paths, but I can only speculate as to how it came to use in the far east.

  3. Daniel E. Shaffer Jr.

    Dear Judge Jerome O. Herlihy(302-577-7042 & 302-255-0800) of the Delaware superior court in Wilmington, U.S. Dept of Justice “CIVIL RIGHTS DIV”. Attorney General BO of Delaware, and the ACLU,

    In my opinion the Eastern Stars & Freemasons are “RING KNOCKING” monsters. The AMERICAN STASI. They mob vulnerable people, harass & stalk individuals in the community. They work together like a crime syndicate. They are like the masonic mafia in Lancaster, HERSHEY & South Central Pennsylvania extending down to Delaware & into Eastern Maryland. I seen them mob/harass professor at Harrisburg Area Community College in Lancaster Pennsylvania. I kept journals, notes & filed formal complaints based on two sociologists recommendation early on in my victimization.

    Interviewing an U.S. Naval Veteran & independent “CATHOLIC” non-Freemason/non-Union Truck Driver of 25 years. This trustworthy witness had this to say,
    “For years Freemason/union truck drivers would harass us non-Freemason/non-union truck drivers. The Freemason/union truck drivers would harass us until we would leave or quit. If we non-Freemason/non-union truck drivers did not quit or leave we would continue to be harassed by the Freeman/union truck drivers until we would get frustrated, upset & lash out at the agitation. Once we would get upset, The Freemason/union truck drivers would call the Masonic cops in & arrest us non-Freemason/non-Union truck drivers. The Masonic cops would then thrown the non-Freemason/non-Union truck driver in prison. I have seen this happen. It had happened to my friends. They have tried to do it to me. I was smart. Each time they harassed me I would put them on the internet. After the non-Freemason/non-union truck driver was thrown in prison a Freemason newspaper guy would be called & quickly the freemason journalist would black list & black ball the non-Freemason/non-Union truck driver. Then the non-freemason/non-union truck drivers house would be busted into & more charges & crimes would be manufactured against him. Then the non-Freemason/non-union truck driver would be given a masonic public defender who would make a deal with a Freemason prosecutor. Perhaps there would be a Freemason judge. And then the non-Freemason/non-union truck driver would then be thrown back in jail. This is what they had done to you. It is wrong. You have to tell somebody, perhaps the judge. It’s strange they are doing this teachers. It’s strange they had done this to you a teacher. They do, do it. It’s wrong what they had done to you. You have to tell somebody are it will continue. Tell people what they had done to you.”

    “First it was the history professor down the hall. Then it was the sociology professor in my office. Then it was the HOMOSEXUAL ex-marine. And then it was me.”

    After a well over a year of being harassed & mobbed at Harrisburg Area Community College in lancaster Pennsylvania, I finally talked with an academic attorney named Vivian B. Narehood. I kept referring to the torture & mobbing as “GANG RAPE”. After listening to me, Ms Narehood stated the following, “my GOD. Call the Pa governor immediately. File complaints with the EEOC & PHRC immediately. This has nothing to do with your teaching. You are a fine teacher. I can see by your resume that you are more than qualified to teach sociology at the Communit College level.

    So I filed formal “WHISTLEBLOWER” complaints:PHRC Case No.200800802 & EEOC Case No.17F200960329 against Harrisburg Area Community College in Lancaster Pennsylvania. I was third professor to be harassed & forced out & four person if you count the HOMOSEXUAL ex-marine who was discriminated against & chased out at Harrisburg Area Community College in Lancaster Pa in less than two years.

    This one klown came in to my class & would harass me from 3 to 7x a day. He did this for weeks into months. Psycho MIKIEMIC was 33 years old & owned his own business. Psycho MIKIEMIC was from Manheim Pennsylvania. The Dean was told 12x about this individuals harassment & stalking, but the Dean did nothing. Psycho MikieMic threatened me stating, “IF YOU TELL ANYBODY WHAT I AM DOING TO YOU. OR IF YOU TELL ANYBODY MY NAME I WILL GET YOU. DONT MENTION MY NAME TO ANYBODY OR WHAT I AM DOING TO YOU.” His harassment was certainly intentionally & documented. A formal complaint describing his harassment was put into adminstration. But nothing was done. This harassment went on for well over a year.

    Finally the last attack and planned harassment came from the Dean relative. This relative came in during a 45 minute break between two summer course I had. The dean’s relative wasn’t teaching any summer course, so why she was in my office at that particular time is beyond me. The dean’s relative was a sociology instructor teaching at Harrisburg Area Community College in lancaster with out the right degrees by college policy nor by the sociology depts police but because she was the dean relative she was allowed to teach sociology full-time. Then this sociology instructor quickly ran back and told the dean I had harassed her. They denied I was harassed & then made up a witness. I am not kidding. The fact that this instructor was the Dean’s relative was kept a secret from me. I was later called to the office at the college and basically called a liar, a time-bomb, aggressive, a loose cannon, and a unstable racist. This is a true story!

    These Animals then stalked me in the community of Lancaster Pennsylvania. They really do stalk you. They HACK into your computers & illegally down load your email messages. They are rich wealthy “CHRISTIANS” social networking with professional Freemasons & the Masonic cops. They are terrorists without hoods. They are evil! And they go after the vulnerable. My experiences were documented in Journals, notes & by filing formal complaints. My vicimization is well documented, and I can back up my harassment & mobbing. These individuals are evil. They are just extremely mean & hateful. There can be any other way to say, but they are sinister, ghoulish & sick animals. Their entire existance is to destroy you. Force you out, and then replace you with the following:RELATIVES, FRIENDS, MasonicTool, Fellow Freemason & an Eastern Stars.

    Their mission is to set you for crimes, and hopefully get you thrown in prison. They are so hateful. And get you diagnosed with an delusional disorder or schizophrenia so that they can continue to victimize you in other places. From county to county from state to state. These people are terrorists.

    As judge jerome O. Herlihy (302-577-7042 & 302-255-0800) of the Delaware superior court in late December of 2010 stated, “WHAT ARE UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE SECURITY GUARDS HEADED TO LANCASTER PENNSYLVANIA FOR ANYWAY? Did your attorney even communicate with you at all? Where did you get this guy at? He isn’t helping you. He is no good. Get rid of him. What kind of deal did these two give you? You know you are not guilty of this charge. You are not DANGEROUS. Jail is for DANGEROUS people & you certainly are not one of them. I am not going to send you to jail. There is nothing wrong with you. You are just depressed. Yes I will see your evidence. Any that you have. This is weird. What is he WHISPERING to you? tell me. Don’t listen to him. You are from York & not from Lancaster. WHAT ARE UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE SECURITY GUARDS HEADED TO LANCASTER PENNSYLVANIA FOR ANYWAY? something not right here. This isn’t making any sense to me. This is strange.”

    The forensic psychologist/criminologist Dr. Robert G. Thompson at the Delaware psych clinic in New Castle stated, “THEY REALLY WANTED TO HURT YOU. They wanted to get you for everything they could. I believe you. You are honest. I support you. I believe those text messages were coming in, and they were doing a whole lot more to you that you were unaware of. That was very smart of you to do that. I will testify for you. I wanted to you to know this. The prosecutor & an University of Delaware security guard wanted me to put you in an institution. I wanted you to know this. This was my decision. I told them “NO”. You are fine in Lancaster & that is where you are staying until you get better. You aren’t seeing anything are you. I didn’t think so. You were pretty bad when you first came in here. You are a little better now. I was worried about you. I wanted to give you a chance to figure this all out for yourself. They really wanted to hurt you.”

    Attorney Natalie Woloshin of Wilmington Delaware stated, “This is odd. The University of Delaware security is know for harassing student for underage drinking and stuff like that. This has to be the biggest thing that had ever happened in the history of the University of Delaware security. You are not guilty of anything. We are not pleading guilty to anything. Nobody communicated with you. You were unaware of what was going on around you. We have a side of the story too. You are very smart. I will send you Forensic Dr. Robert G. Thompson psych evals. Yes I believe that University of Delaware security guard was calling your employer. No you are not DANGEROUS, I know that.

    So I filed this whistleblower complaint against Harrisburg Area Community College in Lancaster. The complaints consisted of 70+ counts of harassment & discrimination. It was more like hundreds-of-counts. These individual “Adult Freemason & Eastern stars” were coming into the classroom & harassing & causing the professor as many problems as they could in an attmept to drive us out and replace us. It’s sick. After over a year of this I filed formal “whistleblower” complaints:PHRC Case No.200800802 & EEOC Case No.17F200960329. The day after the formal complaint reached Harrisburg Area Community College, a police report showed up at the University of Delaware security in Newark.

    For the next 10 months to a year I am stalked by these individuals. My phone is lighting at all hours of the night. I recieving text messages & phone calls at all hours of the night. They are mostly from untraciable emergency cell phones. I documented from 5 to 6 phones were sending me messages. On my time-line they are coming peak times. Now I was harassed/mobbed relentlessly & now I am being stalked, agitated, harassed, lured, baited & provoked by cell phones. I was psychologically exhausted. I have the detail in my journals.

    Finally I am arrested by the University of Delaware security. This is ten month after the whistleblower complaints have reached Harrisburg Area Community College. I am three weeks before the Pa Governor orders Harrisburg Area Community College to answer the 70+ counts of harassment & discrimination on the formal whistleblower complaints. I arrested by the University of delaware security and accussed of “WANTING TO BLOW UP THE UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE AND KILL MORE KIDS THAN VIRGINIA TECH.” I charged with “FAKE” STALKING my ex-girlfriend??? I am thrown in a Delaware prison at 12x to 15x the normal amount of bail.

    The University of Delaware security (led by two freemasons Ex-FBI agents & Ex-De State Cops) find out through the WOODS AVE COMMANDER of the Neighborhood watch group that my friend had left the house in order to come down to Delaware and bail me out of jail. So the University of Delaware security knowing nobody is at home at my house on WOODS AVE in Lancaster Pennsylvania rushes up to Lancaster and busted in the front door with nobody home.

    They take college books, pile my ex-girlfriends gifts of POLO shirt up in the middle of the bed. My three U.S. Army medals I had earned from my three honorable dischrages vanished off the dresser beside my bed. Quickly an University of Delaware security guard call a Freemason at the Lancaster Newspaper named OLE FREEMASON AD CRABLE. OLE FREEMASON AD CRABLE quickly put me on the internet 12x, internet black balling & black listing me for being a whistleblower.

    Pa State Trooper RICHARD T. DRUM calls me 3x and states the following after the break in through the window of my empty house,

    “I have never seen an investigation like this before. This certainly isn’t state police protocol nor none I have ever seen before. We call people. We talk to people. We communicate with people and we just don’t come out and bust into peoples houses. You don’t have any guns. 90% of the stuff that was taken had nothing to do with any charges. You should get it all back. This is weird. They were taking pictures & going through your personal things. They were walking across to neighbors houses they knew were home. They walked directly to their houses. They talked to them as if they knew them. That University of Delaware security guard called ole freemason ad Crable. That University of Delaware security guard said that stuff. I don’t get this . Something strange here. I don’t know.”

    For two years these individuals were spreading the following rumors about me: I was DANGEROUS, aggressive, a time-bomb, a loose cannon, on drugs, unstable, a racist & I had WEAPONS…oh and I like children…isn’t that sick!

    I am a pacifest. A quiet intellectual. I have never owned a gun in my life & I have never done any drugs in my life. I have never thought to hurt anybody & I am a reasonable man who is rather extremely easily to talk too. I am a Vulnerable Veterans with three honorable discharges from the U.S. Army. I am a whistleblower. I had worked with children for many years as a counselor & I am a sociologist who was trained at big ten Universities & graduated with sociology degrees. I was born into a very poor working class family in the inner city of York Pennsylvania. I am a third generation U.S. Army Veteran. My dad worked for many years at a janitor and is a disabled U.S. Veteran. I was raise partially by my grandfather who was a decorated WWII veteran who fought the NAZI’s in three campaigns. I come from a good hard working family.

    Three weeks after my house is broken into through the window Harrisburg Area Community College answer the Pa Governors order. Maybe the University of Delaware security was taking those items that Pa state Trooper RICHARD T. DRUM had stated so they could give them to the attorney for Harrisburg Area Community College. The responses to the 70+ counts of harassment & discrimination were riddled with lies. OUT AND OUT RIGHT LIES….

    Attorney Natalie Woloshin in obtaining the University of Delaware police reports, THEY WERE RIDDLED WITH LIES. One particular witness who called in several times, lied about me on every single occassion. This person was a friend of the University of Delaware security guards who was writting up the police reports. This so called “TRUSTWORTHY WITNESS” on the University of Delaware police reports lied on every single occassion. This trustworthy witness stated I HACKED Into my ex-girlfriend computer 400x. I don’t even know how to HACK into computers. And even if I did I wouldn’t HACK into anybody computer because it is illegal. The University of Delaware security was stating I was sleeping with a student for three months while she was in my college class. I never did this. This is a lie. And is clearly against my college’s policy. The trustworthy witness and friend of the Univesity of Delaware security stated I was driving around delaware but the university of Delaware security called me and asked me “WHAT KIND OF CAR I WAS DRIVING?” The only individual that was sleeping with any students were University of Delaware employees. They are stalking the girls, whistleblower, and boyfriend & ex-boyfriends. They must have me confused with an University of Delaware security guard that was arrested last May of 2012 who had sex and was then stalking & harassing an University of Delaware student.

    Having called the FBI in Wilmington, Baltimore & Philly, they act like they don’t know what the right hand is doing from the left. And placy this game that ABBOTT & COSTELLO used to play “WHO IS ON FIRST?”

    What is happening is you have these FBI agents covering up for this so called “HOMELAND SECURITY” & this “FUSION CENTER” located up here at FT. INDIANTOWN GAP. These morons don’t know what to do with themselves so they are stalking, harassing & retaliating against WHISTLEBLOWERS by setting them up with these dam cell phone APPS & GADGETS. These idiots are organizing these neighborhood watch groups, Masonic Harassment groups & masonic HACKING & CYBER-STALKING groups, and conduct operations like the Eastern German’s STASI used to do. These Freemason, Eastern Stars, & Masonic cops are doing their old version of community based policing called “THE WHITE GLOVE TREATMENT” and the homeland security is over seeing thier terror stalking & the FBI is cover up for this organized gang stalking. And then security departments like the University of Delaware are getting pay off like “SOUPED-UP POLICE SPORTS CARS & European police dogs. These is federal funded & sponsored government stalking & mobbing of whistlelbowers, sociologists, activists & ex-U.S. Soldiers. We have an AMERICAN STASI right here in the U.S.A. No shit. These silent destroyers are putting individuals in the hospital & in some cases killing inidviduals.

    Thanks for allowing me to express my freedom of speech utilizing the Freedom of the press. Thank GOD we still have those rights…

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