They’re Out To Kill US – With Chemtrails, Fluoride & Electronic Radiation – Jerry Day

mranthonyjhilder asked:

"Obviously they are out to kill us. We are in the process of making two diffenent films on the Death Dump/Murder Meter issue, and need your help to pay our editors another 3-4 days on each project....or at least one. PG&E is about to bite the bullet for having been complicit in lighting the San Bruno (natural gas pipeline explosion) match outside of San Francisco which results in multiple deaths. Go the Free World Fim Works or email: to contribute towards the project. Weve got 11 films working concurrently that need completion. Then maybe can win this war, but it has to be fought on film. thanks..."Anthony J Hilder Chemtrails, Fluoride in the water, cell phone radiation. Some around the planet think there are too many people on the earth - that the earth cannot sustain billions of people and people will starve. Yet farmers are paid to not grow crops. One way to solve this "problem" is to make animal life just as important as human life on the planet. That is, in the end, to take away what rights humans have and to degrade their status down to the rights of animals. Eugenisist Thomas Maltus would approve. So blow up the dams, put people in urban human rabbit cages, restrict their movement making transportation expensive, Cut down on the carbon emmisions and save the earth by getting rid of the people who are polluting the earth and using its scarce resources. This is the mindset. Jerry Day acknowledges this and he states that Obama is the puppet ...


  1. uturniaphobic

    the US Federal Govt is broke bankrupt in fact always has been. Their banker the Federal Reserve lends them money to go and do what they see fit. When a payment is due by the Federal Gov’t to the Fed they point to you and me….oh and our unborn as well. all to be paid back via the income tax.

  2. Sam Kent

    Bravo, this is way beyond the white house. Making these statements takes real courage to speak. Telling the truth has never been so important as it is today and has never been such short supply as right now. Keep up the great work, it is apprecated. Phoenix Arizona

  3. UnoRaza

    Whenever you see the “Capital G” your close to an important COG in their network.

    Google are the ones that are deliberately sabotaging their own product in the name of CENSORSHIP!

    G-oogle =GOVERNMENT.
    (Masonic G)

    See also “Caprica” for an interesting conspiracy; those with the “One True God” are the terrorists.

  4. WitnessOfNewLaodicea

    Leaders of G8 nations planning global coup in 2012, possibly summer. Recent worldwide activity of “UFOs” are next gen military w/ Directed Energy and ELF technology of Nicola Tesla from 1900’s; chemtrail particles enhance effects. Fake UFOs & fake signs of apocalypse prepping us for “alien invasion” & false “messiah” leader. All nations will be put on military lockdown by 2013. NWO OneWorldGovernment & Religion will arise. EDUCATE OTHERS! also see: HAARP, Illuminati, Chemtrails; UN Agenda 21

  5. fyiwewantfreedomnow

    please sign the chemtrail petition just goolgle chemtrail petition we need them to know we know.

  6. philliptjr1

    We have had them in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia. I have even seen them @ night. However, there are morons out there that wil try to convince you that what you are seeing isn’t real. There are deceitful people, govt. operatives that will try to make you think you are crazy. I hope this poison stops all across the globe. I mean the make believe poison. Peace.

  7. Trollamollex

    maybe you guys are done//? from kenzo’s comment.

    ” they have already confessedly employed, … deliberately planned and developed methods to mentally deteriorate, morally debase, and completely enslave the masses.”

  8. cotten45


  9. TangeOrheen

    Sodium fluoride is a by-product of aluminum manufacturing. This was replaced in the late 1960’s with fluorosilicic acid from phosphate fertilizer production to fluoridate our water. We should all eat only organic foods. If we do not, then we are directly causing the fluoridation of our water!

  10. TheMothman717

    Joseph Stalin made a speech one year before the end of WWII that he intended to invade the US, and Roosevelt knew this and for a whole year after that speech continued to give Russia huge amounts of armaments. Communism is the war machine of the Judaic terrorist cult, and the Bolsheviks declared that just as they had killed all the ‘land owners’ in Russia (so the Jews could have the land), so they would do the same thing throughout Europe and the US. That is why Hitler tried to stop them.

  11. patriotusa200

    Here is hierarchy: The Jesuits are the world rulers thru the Grey Pope who resides in Macao, China, he passes orders to the Black Pope, the Black Pope passes orders onto the Vatican, and the Vatican, passes orders onto the Bildeberg/Illuminati and they pass on down to all the Cardinals in the world. The pope and Queen of England are the richest people in the world.
    Don’t forget it. They all come the the 13 Bloodlines and all Presidents have also except three.
    Obama is 9th cousin of Bush.

  12. peelingtacoma

    “Normalcy Bias”. If you don’t believe in chemtrails, look up the term & find out why. Then do some research for yourself, using your own mind, and intellect. The debunkers are PAID to be here.

  13. ste6666666

    All Government sponsored addictions that provide mountains of money, now how many died of cannabis use. None. Get a grip stop making cheap jibes and use that brain of yours to stop this. The US government has taken over Afghanistan right and their favourite crop ie the poppy is being protected by those troops. In fact its production has increased.Ask a heroin addict how is supply since the Americans took over. Do a bit of research and Wake up!

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