The New World Order is Here!

0rip0 asked:

UPDATE: The Department of Homeland Security met so much resistance to the National ID that they are now trying to replace it with the "Save ID" (who thinks of these names anyway?) Here's a link to the story: If you come here to troll you will be blocked and your comments removed. Intelligent discussion is encouraged, but anyone leaving negative comments without contributing FACTS and REASON will be considered trolls. Same with spammers. I've been cutting some ...


  1. MrCatFetish

    Dont dismiss this video as an overreaction, listen to it and learn. If they do establish the world under a world government…then they have the whole world at their mercy.

  2. muddychucks

    yes government/ corporate heads are shady… but realize all these videos ARE propoganda. Please enjoy the entertainmant of NWO vids but dont be scared!! grow up..the boogy man isnt real. stop trying to fight the “illuminati” and fight real causes like childhood disorders or poverty.

  3. 0rip0

    There is much more to this. Just google New World Order, Bilderburgers, and Trilateral Commission, and follow the trail.

  4. griffin7564

    theres no such thing as god i think the government just supports the whole idea of religion to keep people in order

  5. 0rip0

    I’m glad someone finally said it. If you wanted to make millions of people submit to your plan the best way to do that is to make your plan look like God’s plan.

  6. 0rip0

    I agree. If and when we get this country back to the Constitution as the supreme law of the land, it’s going to have to be amended to prevent this from ever happening again.

  7. flubno

    Did the Bible predict this, or did the people who want to do this get the idea from the Bible ? If people think this is some kind of prophecy from the Bible, they are more likely just to put there hands down and go along with it. Witch would be what these corupt power hungry people want. History repeats it’s self. Thru out history corupt power hungry people just keep reaching for more power ! It’s not much of a Prophecy, it is just common.

  8. flubno

    No matter what Government or economic systems we come up with, there will always be people that will try to courpt it. There will always be people that will sell out. Alot of the laws we have on the books to prevents this stuff seem to be disapearing, behind the peoples back by politians and corporations. If we actually follow the laws on the books, there would be no Monopolies, central banking, unfair trade deals, ect….. and we might have an actual democrocy not a corporate dictatorship.

  9. sugarpig1977

    NWO is here,shit, I haven’t combed my hair.

    And what do our evil masters think will happen when they unit us, the non asseted public of the whole world and teach us that we all have more in common with each other, all billions and billions of us, than we have with THEM…bring it rockerfella.

    nations are imagiary constructs created by populace & state for security & wealth reasons and excuses to plunder resources of other ‘nations”.

    the road to world peace is paved with bad intentions.

  10. staponsa1

    I can´t wait until the NWO is established and we all get to serve our glorious masters directly and get chipped.

  11. gazamen2009

    WHY IS KAABA IN MECCA you tube that and enlighten yourself dear humans..Islam is by the side of the good people & not the devilish ones on the verge to controlling the world..


    srry bout the crap comments earlier i was so frustrated by the cops last night i wasnt thinkin straight but is there more to this or was all of it

  13. 0rip0

    Oh yeah, and we can all see what a wonderful job the NWO is doing to create peace in the world…and let’s not forget the stellar job they’re doing with the economy!

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