The New World Order Begins Jan 2012.Government To Exterminate All Blacks !

takinwhatsours asked:

Why do they even send police to these things.... Let the people do and assemble as they please! Stop wasting tax payers money to attack and suppress the people!


  1. MAJISTYorDIE360

    this is a real black woman is suppose to be loved on.
    this is the kind of black woman i perfer. not those ” mammies ” too indepedant & scares of reveloution…

    im personally for goin back to the Motherland myself.
    FUCK AMERICA SODOM & her Diversity.

  2. CorrayZ1

    This song is VERY VERY VERY ”HOT” comming from a BLACK QUEEN. This need to be in our minds every word for WORD that she said.. There will come a time were You (blk) men and women will have to put your life on hold because of what the new world oder elites wants to do.. With in due time it will happen and Most of you been warn ,but yet still don’t want to listen or try to understand.. Put aside your desirer of this world cuz if YO AZZ AINT AT PEAC WITH GOD YOU AZZ IS DOOM! PEAC!! ALLAH AKBAR 3X

  3. vegetalove88

    Get it girl your a beast. Finally a female artist with something to say. Praise Jesus with our very last breaths amen.

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