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persepolis2500 asked:

Illuminati 2012 Brotherhood of the Beast The Illuminati 2012 LUCIFER KING OF BABYLON SATANIC Brotherhood of the Beast 2011 ! The Illuminati The Missing Documentaries: The entire political system of the United States and Britain is being controlled by a small group of elite...


  1. pointlessposse138

    All i saw in this whole documentary was a bunch of statements, the director just provided me with statements and didn’t give me any evidence. I believed to some extent about world corruption and hoped this documentary would help me but all it did was tell me about a bunch of stuff other conspirators have written, get me some hard evidence please!!!! and where does all the satanic stuff come from. where is the evidence for that. the doc just told me a bunch of stuff but didn’t back any of it up!!

  2. CamFM1

    @laredaljon what is your perception of realistic? to them that satanic part is VERY real. and at that point it does not matter what you Believe. it matters that they are acting. Truth is in the evidence. You toss a stone in a pond your going to see ripples

  3. laredaljon

    I like conspiracy theories better when they seem a little realistic. Could have at lest removed the satanic part. Was that David Icke in there? If David Icke is a part of a serious documentary, the documentary is not serious.

  4. knossis1

    The human spirit is governed by the ego. The ego is created in the mind. Full of labels and biases, hatred, murder and greed. It is the ego that possesses the body. It is the ego that desires and consumes mankind. The ego cares only for the survival of self. The ego exists separately from the whole. We don’t have to worry about invisible entities. We ourselves are the problem. We cause war, we pollute the planet, we murder one another. We all are antichrist for we know not where we came from.

  5. jovicevic

    And You people claim NWO is overaggressive, with mind controlling propaganda?! Then who made (mega) tons of this idiotic, unlimited impossible to watch “documentaries”? Good people of the world? What’s Your intention? How stupid, how short-sighted must one be to swallow such non eatable, sour and bitter porridge of obvious lies, disinformation, false claims, a la Frankenstein edited “material”.What do U really want? To get to grab, to be in (on) power by Yourselves, that is the answer!

  6. henchmen999

    I love these movies, this nutjob actully ties in The illuminati, aliens, Ghosts, alien ghosts, and the death of princess Di. I love it.This director’s got like 5 or 6 movies. WATCH THEM ALL! Spoiler: these films NEVER use any other music. Start with secret space 1+2 then the illuminati movies and the spirtworld. Funny as hell.

  7. mrstepintime

    @vladimirkovalski Your on the right track ! but the pope will be the false prophet who will give rise to the antichrist and be by his side when he performs his so called miracles. I tell you the truth the last pope john paul now resides in hell.

  8. GrassyKnollTrolls

    @vladimirkovalski , that is such crap. I met the so called “black pope” at a small Catholic school in L.A. about 3 yrs ago. He had no bodyguards. I even asked him a question or two. You can see the video if u don’t believe me. See the WeAreChangeLA YouTube profile.

  9. DopeteK

    @vladimirkovalski Jesus you say? Let me know when he is here as I have some sores and whores for him to deal with.

  10. DopeteK

    @sejlali1 Fuck me…. A thinker on youtube. What’s going on here? This is no place for you!

  11. kryckeestrooff

    @sejlali1 This is because all those “experts” and their followers are in effect part of the NWO system, go back to before the 1960’s and there were no conspiracy theorists, they have all come out of that period and many of the leaders took part in the anti-government demonstrations of the period, fuelled by drugs and New Age propaganda. Now in government positions they are part of the very system they claimed to oppose, a system that worked very well for a millennia.

  12. 2Jakk

    @ZombifyIt .cont..but not trusting the wealthy&powerful has nothing to do with an evil conspiracy.The anarchist Mikhail Bakunin joined the masons for a time thinking it a potential vehicle for revolution but soon quit,totally disgusted with it.The thing is,government,from fuedal to monarchy to republic, have always been about protecting & expanding the privilege of the few.The conspiracy theories currently circulating are actually helping these people!!

  13. ZombifyIt

    hmm, it seems you’ve studied more on this subject than I have, if you wish, I’d like to recieve more of your views via PM, since they dont put any restrictions on there.

  14. 2Jakk

    @ZombifyIt ..cont..& (symbolic), many atheists & agnostics of that time period, as science & rational thought was being introduced, had an uphill battle in a society that was still very superstitious with assumptions & prejudice.You’ll find references to freedom as lucifarian all through the 17&1800’s,Pikes involvement with freemasonry,like many of the period,was merely a place where one could speak & think all gatherings of the rich, I dont trust it, but..cont..

  15. 2Jakk

    @ZombifyIt Can you cite that? Because that would mean that the illuminati created by Adam Weisaupt (1776) in Bavaria is continually being confused with Albert Pike’s Illuminati, who incidentally,wasn’t a bad guy. As a matter of fact he went to bat for native americans.People make a big deal about “lucifarianism” but these are paranoid christians who don’t understand the philosophic principle this actually represented,being put into a context that fit the time period (religious).cont.

  16. Embassadorkingofpeac

    Peace Be Unto All 22 Nations Of Humanity And A Blessed New Year And World Peace For All.
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