1. econoroller

    I remember when I was a kid and thinking about “sugar smacks” the “sugar bear” was the character selling it, and he leaned against the lightpost on the street, talked smooth, and lazy, and if he wasn’t slingin’ junk……..he shure acted like it. If he wasn’t about to nod, he sure acted like it. Funny thing is, My folks wouldn’t let me eat sugary stuff like that coz it was like a drug to me and made me bounce off the walls. I didn’t realize I could have counteracted it with “special K”

  2. undefinedrecords

    your fuckin baked in this video and I am now, and it was funny as hell. LETS SMOKE

  3. Druesling

    By the way “Puff” is the german expression for brothel, and you can get a “Cruch” when you smoke pot.

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