The Fiscal Takeover

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On the Wednesday, January 2 broadcast of the Alex Jones Show, Alex breaks down the continued threat imposed against Americans' right to bear arms as he revisits a US Army manual outlining exactly how gun confiscation under Obama order would take place. Alex also blasts the traitorous Republicans completely selling out to the New World Order by "compromising" on the so-called fiscal cliff, begetting a 41:1 ratio of tax increases to spending cuts. [Check it Out Today] [Get Healthy Today!!]


  1. random69ism

    All I have to say to the gun grabbers is get your grabbers on if you got the balls.

  2. random69ism

    Dr.Dre got outed by the Journal News for off shoring money to avoid over $100,000,000 in taxes. They also outed Eminem and 50cent for being “Obama cheerleaders”. I thought it was fucking hilarious. Google, Costco, Interscope records, and a few others were outed as well.

  3. DNASt1st

    gang stalking is no different then concentration camps without the gates. this is happening now and is your futures. stop gang stalking. i have been a victim for 13years. my links are in comments. facebook. com/giovanni.battaglia.52056

  4. Marion Smith

    It would seem it is too late for a third party, recall efforts or indictments for treason. Individuals that try to resist with their weapons, will be wiped out.  The only recourse to save the nation may be a military coup. Options of normal control of government have failed – so much for the three balancing branches of government.

  5. Joseph Newsom

    i dont even want kids now…id rather fight for kids years from now, then raise one in this evil we live in today.

  6. Joseph Newsom

    GET RON PAUL ON PLEASE!!!!! would love to hear how he feels about 2013 and the next few years.

  7. associateone

    Shows how stupid some of you are. Al Gore didn’t buy, he sold. You twit.


    what they want .thats y they got this joke on here saying fight.pshhhhhhhh crap, my rule is dislike all of them dont like a politician or media . there for i dont believe crap . only what u see for urself.stopfighting government . but dont let it fiight u either. and alex allways says i know who these bad people r. ya cause hes one of them. anyway my advide dislike everyone on media and then ur eyes will open . good luck


    way if he is so good how did he get into behemian grove. they let him in. nobody can sneak in there. and this fat&@t is no navy seal. but anyway just be careful. im not a obama or anyone else supporter. they all work together. but i justdont like this crap going here scaring people . because hes trainning people tofit and resist but thats not always the case u must pick and choose battles. cause of him people will fight when not neccesary then gov will have reason for marshall law . which is


    thats fine man but. i used to listen to his crap. but then learned he is what hes against. and he can be 99 percent correct its that 1percent thatswitches his intentions 180 . i know u dont believe it cause u r brain washed to trust him because he does tell alot of truth . so i hope oneday this shit doesnt happen. just like glenn beck he tell alot of. truth then hes discovered to be working for big media. same with alex but big media needed someone online and here comes alex jones. and by the.

  11. nemonucliosis

    I think he meant to say 2013..but hey, even Alex is human and makes mistakes

  12. iHUMAN523

    why the hell u watch these kinda vids just to say shit like that? u have no idea how wrong u are. nobodys perfect, and cant be right all the time, but hes no fraud. research confirms that like 90% of what this man says is true.if u would seriously do some research u could see for yourself.

  13. Jesus Returning

    Ok oh wise one with such “brilliant” words so profound they declare your true wisdom……Your words speak for themself.

    God Bless and Good bye.

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