The Bridge part 3

humansarecurios asked:

This is the docu-movie that the Scientology does not want you to see.


  1. qtiavcm

    yesterday I beat the living shit of a fucking scientologist for telling me that money should not matter in the future of scientology because all our children won’t need it if they belong to them. I said to that prick and company ” I have 2 kids, do you think I will allow them to come near you?” when he said to me ” never mind that, they will see the light and come to us anyway!”… result: one scientologist with a broken nose
    I said before leaving: ask xenu to fix you motherfucker!!

  2. sword6454

    I dont know if you are looking beyond the drama and looking at the extortion of the female this group is doing. The video is trying to show this. Im stupid and thats what i got, someone tell me if im wrong.

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