The Alex Jones Show(VIDEO Commercial Free) Tuesday May 6 2014: Larry Elder

Ron Gibson asked:

Abortion Counselor Celebrates Murder Of Her Unborn Child -- Date: 05/06/2014 -- -Today - On this Tuesday, May 6 edition of the Al...


  1. mickser101

    Can Alex go one episode without mentioning the Nazi’s and Hitler he’s doin
    great without bringing them up, he’s turning into Netanyahu

  2. Will Rock

    We are to Correct and point out sin. We are not to judge other people,
    saying I’m better than you because or your going to hell and im not
    because. If someone says to me, hey i saw you stole that, thats wrong, put
    it back and don’t do it again, that is not judging.

  3. Yul Hubbart

    I agree with Alex, there. That “cool abortion” video looks like a ‘planned
    parenthood’ infomercial. Its pretty sickening stuff – and she comes across
    as a pretty loathsome person – however much she tries to hide it its
    obvious she’s really enjoying herself. Psychopath.

  4. Lana Dutcher

    If the woman didnt want to be a mother she should have kept her legs closed
    or use some sort of protection.

  5. Bandito Razor

    I wasn’t going to comment on yet more misinformation from Alex Jones but
    this one needs to be faced:

    “Article I, Section 8, Clause 15:

    [The Congress shall have Power] To provide for calling forth the Militia to
    execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions”

    So no, you don’t have “The right” to rebel per the constitution. If you try
    to over throw the government, that is insurrection. The constitution does
    not back the myth of “having the right to revolt as per the constitution”.

  6. MrMatthoule

    The girl was not satanic she got talked into to it she had “lots of
    support” The second video was to tell her self she did in fact do the
    right thing she felt relief of responsibility. If I was her lover I would
    have bagged her not to do it, hope she does a video of her break down 15
    29 years from now

  7. Robert Johnson

    I believe in the right to free speech however I must address my right to
    call Alex Jones a hypocrite how can you sit there comfortably and make
    people live in fear on 60% truth. You are no better than the government you
    so strongly oppose. I will say at times you have valid points yet you stray
    off to a over hyper paranoid view of the world around you. Me stating my
    opinion is pointless for it falls on deaf ears but I think you deliver more
    harm than good to the American people.

  8. firstpriorities1

    Alex, a very adult performance today. Kudos! I understand the anger you
    often display, but it turns off many. Today many heard you.

  9. Joseph Bushko

    You fucking faggot uninformed lying sack of shit Alex. Yes.. Yes exactly
    right.. What color the doctors coat is directly indicates Satan worship.
    Fuck you jesus hugging god worshipping assholes trying to spread your
    filth.. Christianity and all other religions are a disease that needs to be
    wiped off this Earth. You don’t like someone because of what they do Alex?
    Get the fuck out of America you fat piece of Texan shit. Everything you say
    on your shows are lies. 

  10. caprinefane

    Also when Jesus said to turn the other cheek it was used only in the
    context of preaching the resurrection and salvation. He was preaching the
    non-aggression principle but he also taught the sacred duty of self

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