The Alex Jones Show(VIDEO Commercial Free) Thursday May 8 2014: Peter Van Buren, Bruce Fein

Ron Gibson asked:

Political Suppression -- Date: 05/08/2014 -- -Today - On this Thursday, May 8 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex covers unprece...


  1. ben wilson

    I’m assuming they added that infowars sticker on the box 01:15….is that
    legal to do or do you need permission?

  2. Nathan B

    “Put on these glasses, or start chewing concrete!”

    You freakin coke head, smoke a joint man.

  3. TheOldOakSyndicate

    Good ol’ George “Buck” Flower at 3:43…One of the best character actors

  4. Zen Man

    The money is not being pulled out of the pocket of the 99%. It is being
    pulled out of thin air, and redist. into the tax paying machine which is
    broken. It is all a house of cards, and I will be taking part in the
    dissolution of those who are manipulating the system.

  5. Zen Man

    Alex: US is trying to be the bad guy? Are you kidding me? The US is the bad
    guy. It is an arrogant attempt to be the world leader, post WWII, post 911,
    euphoria that is at best psychotic? Who is running this? Bankers, Soros,
    Vatican, Royals of England, all of the above? WTF

  6. Ben Cartwright

    Somebody call the local authorities! I was attacked by two green creatures
    who came running out of a flying saucer that landed in my backyard. They
    shot me in the ass with a laser. Now I’m peeing green liquid that glows in
    the dark. 

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